Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Bill!

Today is my husbands birthday :) Please take a minute to send him some birthday wishes in the comments area. He doesn't read my blog often, only seems to come on when I say something about him haha, so maybe he'll actually read today. He has today off from both jobs, so he'll get to have some relaxtion time today. Bree might keep him somewhat busy playing today though, I don't think he'll mind.

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. My internet was out most of the day :( It finally came on and I was getting caught up on emails, twitter, facebook etc., then I went to cook & eat dinner, and give Bree her bath, when I came back to my computer, the internet was down again. Comcast better get their act together or I may have to go all postal on their ass. LOL. I didn't have anything exciting to post about anyways yesterday. It was a pretty boring day (especially since I had no internet!) . It was a lazy day. I did some laundry, and watched kids shows with the rugrats all day. When Bree napped, I sat and dozed off in the chair a few times. Woke myself up several times with my own snoring haha, how sad is that.

I'll try to post more later tonight, hopefully something fun and exciting will happen that I can share with you, so I don't bore the pants off ya. Toodles for now.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Bill!! You are a lucky man. And a cutie! ;)

God bless-

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Christine Ann said...

Happy Birthday Bill!!!
How often can you say you were wished a Happy Birthday from someone all the way in Australia? :) :) Well, now you can haha!

Renee, I wake myself up with my own snoring too, only since being pregnant this time, its soooo embarrassing, so glad no one else hears or sees haha!!