Friday, April 16, 2010

5 Question Friday 4-16-10

Wow its April 16! A lot has happened in my life on this day. I was married to my first husband on a April 16, divorced from my second husband on a April 16, and found out I was pregnant with Bree on a April 16! I wonder if anything will happen today...if something does, I hope its something GOOD. (NO, I will not be announcing a pregnancy...not in the cards right now.)

Its also FRIDAY. You know what that means don't ya? It's time for my installment of Mama M.'s 5 Question Friday. I'll post her questions then my answers. Please feel free to answer these questions too over in the comments or even blog about them...but if you do so, please link up to Mama M (and me too please :) ). Are you ready? Here we go....

1. What words do you use on your blog/online that you don't use in real life?

2. Do you still write checks?

3. Who was your favorite President and why?

4. Are you a yeller?

5. Have you ever dumpster dived?

1. Ummm I guess LOL. I use it a lot (to much) when blogging and chatting, but I don't say L O L in real life, although its almost slipped a few times!

2. Yes I do, mostly for paying school lunches, stuff like that. Other then that I use my debit card...which gets me into trouble with the fast food joints. Before debit cards, if I didn't have cash in my purse I'd not stop for junk food, now all I have to do is whip out the card...its very dangerous.

3. Hmm I don't know. I didn't vote for anyone, so I just deal with whoever is in term. I guess I'd have to say Obama, I know a lot won't agree with me though. He is TRYING to make changes for the better (although they don't always seem to work out that way), and well, lets be honest, he isn't to bad to look at.

4. I have been known to yes...don't like that I do though. Sometimes its the only way I can be heard! No one listens to me EVER.

5. Actual dumpster diving I don't recall doing so...but I have picked up some used stuff on the side of the road on garbage day before. I got a dresser, repainted and finished it all nice and cute. I got a like new slide and ride on dragon toy for Bree too.

There ya have it! I hope you enjoyed this weeks questions and answers. I hope to hear from you soon on what your answers are :) Oh yeah, please be sure to answer today's Question of the day below. See ya in the comments area!

QOTD: What is the best imaginable thing that could happen to you during the next five years? How do you think you would handle it?


Tammy said...

QOTD: What is the best imaginable thing that could happen to you during the next five years? How do you think you would handle it?

Hrm... that's a toss up. We really want another child and have been trying for a year BUT winning the lottery would be awesome too. How would I handle it? Like I handle everything else, figure it out as I go along. HAHA.

Amanda said...

Love the QOTD: I think being in my favorite magazine would be the BEST!! But first and foremost would be that my kids accept Jesus as their personal Savior... nothing can compare to knowing your family will be in Heaven with you!!!