Monday, April 26, 2010

Tempted *Updated to add a pic

Vlogging seems to be the 'IN' thing to do lately. While I'm not a fan of being the one in front of a camera, I'm somewhat tempted to do one. Should I or shouldn't I? If I should, what kind of topic should I vlog about? Give me some thoughts :)

Well, things started out well today in the potty training department. During the night Bree woke up at 1 a.m. and she told me she had to go potty, so we went to the bathroom and she did! I was so proud of her. went downhill. She pee'd in her pants several times and did a poopy too...bah. We'll keep trying, its just depressing after doing sooooo good the last several days.

Just watched Dancing With The Stars. Anyone else watch this? What do you think? Who should go? I don't care for Neicy & Pamela. Pamela seems to always have porno face while dancing, and it bothers me. I just don't care for her. To me it seems like she feels she is the sexiest person alive, I think she is artifical. Sorry Pam, I'm just not a fan. I think Evan and Anna did well but apparently the judges disagree, shows what I know.

Aubrey must want to follow in Grandma's footsteps. Tonight she was practicing her clown make up.

In case you were wondering, yes, my mom really was a clown. She even went to Russia and did clowning there on a mission type trip. Somewhere I have a picture...if I find it I'll post it.

Thats all for now, I'm tired and going to hit the sack in a few. Toodles!

QOTD: If offered a position, would you be on a show like Dancing with the Stars?


Tammy said...

Potty training is probably the most frustrating thing I've come across so far with parenting... okay biting and hitting is a pretty close second but omg I hate potty training. Bree is much further along than Paige. The only time I can convince Paige to use the potty is during bath time. /sigh

LOL @ Bree! Silly girl.

QOTD: Nope, I don't have the time or energy to do anything like that and I certainly wouldn't show my body in the clothes that they wear. I wouldn't want to be away from Paige that long and I am a horrible dancer so I'd lose pretty early on.

Mindi said...

haha! Clowns run in the family! Another cute picture of Bree! Potty training for Ava is about the same! She hates the feel of her underwear now, she just wants her diapers. It's so frustrating! I saw Pamela in person when I was in LA and went to the TV Land awards. Me and my friend both commented on how plastic she was!

ANSWER: Yes, I totally would do a reality show. I figure I lay it all out there on my blog, I have nothing to hide, so you might as well put me on TV! Plus, I bet they get paid pretty well? maybe no. But, it would be fun!

Tammy said...

I like the photos of your mom as a clown. She looks like a very cheery clown.

Mindi said...

Oh! Did you just add your picture of your mom?! I didn't see it earlier! She is so cute!!

Renee said...

Yep Mindi, I added the picture of Mom the clown later, after I scoured my pc looking for it. :)