Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wow, so much to do

I've discovered some blogs that have give aways, nice ones. Things that I'd LOVE to have for the kids, and a few things I'd like to have for me. I try to enter for a chance to win these things, and so far, no luck. What drives me crazy is all the hoops you have to jump through to get entered in these things. Once in a while there are a few, where you just have to leave a comment on their blogs, that I can handle no sweat. But most are like, follow my blog, follow me on twitter, follow this company on twitter, become a fan on FB of me and the company, tweet daily, leave a comment, visit the company site and tell me what you like, subscribe to my site, blog about my give away and link to me, visit my friends site who is doing a give away too, name your firstborn after me, scratch my ass, and wait on me hand and foot while you are at it. Then you have to go back and comment that you did all those things! I suppose if you win these things, its worth it doing all this stuff, since you are going to get something for FREE. But dang, a lot of these things are a lot of work to try to win. Then, you are stuck with so called spam tweets, and blog updates. I don't really wanna see "win this, visit this blog, RT, #whatever" everytime I refresh twitter. Some of those I had to follow to win, thats all they post on twitter all day. Maybe if I win something I'll feel differently LOL.

How do these people get so lucky to even get these items to try out, and another to give away? I wanna be one of those people. We are broke and could use some new things to try and review :) I'm assuming to do so you have to have a 'popular' blog, with lots of followers and commenters. Who knows... But if there is ever an opening to do something like this, I'd love to!

In other news...I mopped the floor today. It was nice. Lasted for a few hours...until Jillian spilled sugar all over. How did she do this you may ask? She was in the kitchen getting something she shouldn't have been getting.

Bree hasn't been napping much lately, and wow she is quite the bear sometimes in the evenings. I'm anxiously awaiting bedtime. I don't know where she gets her energy though...she has been on the go all day since 7 a.m., its now almost 9 p.m..

I watched Dancing with the Stars tonight. I sure like the new way they are doing things on Tuesday nights this year. Its not so much of repeating the night before. They do funny skit things with the judges and dancers, more entertainment, its just much better... I was disappointed to see Jake go. I was really hoping it would be Pam...or Niecy. Hopefully they go next, in that order...then I think Chad should go....then Erin. I think the final two should be Evan and Nicole. Anyone else have opinions on this?

Looking out my window right now and see a big low bright moon...pretty cool.

Please keep my friend Mellisa in your thoughts and prayers. Tonight her sister was killed in a car accident. (If my memory is right, she leaves behind a young daughter) Just a few years ago Mel lost her brother to a car accident as well. So very sad.

I guess thats all for now. I'll post the QOTD below. Toodles!

QOTD: What is your favorite board game?


Mindi said...

Thank you for giving me a laugh during another rough time! Jeez, how many tears can one woman shed?????

Anonymous said...

Favorite board game is Scrabble of course. Miss having you here to play it with me!

Praying for Melissa....how tragic.

Tammy said...

I'd love to be a product tester too. It would be so cool.

I'm sorry for Melissa. That is very sad.

My favourite board game... hrm...it would either be Clue or Sorry!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Renee, you crack me up. I'm old enough to remember Mystery Date. hehehe