Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools?

Happy April Fool's Day. Can you tell which of the following is for real, and NOT a joke?

1- I won the lottery
2- I'm pregnant
3- I lost 100 lbs
4- My husband is being a jerk
5- I've been voted hottest mom of 2010

If you guessed 4, you'd be CORRECT.

He is home early today. I said great, since you are home, I can go get a haircut. Its hard to go get one, because Bree won't sit in a chair and behave while I'm getting a cut, so I need someone with me to watch her. He said, "What? Do you want to look like a DYKE??!" jerk. BIG JERK.

I have had short hair for a long time now. My hair is thick, and to get the style to look right, I have to keep it trimmed, and thinned out. Every 4 wks is ideal, but its way past that and my hair is looking like crap and won't do what its supposed to do. I do not look like a dyke. (No offense to lesbians). I look like an older mom, who wants an easy style, that is quick to do, because when you have a little one hanging on your leg while getting ready in the morning, speed and ease is important. He apparently doesn't understand this because he doesn't have this problem, he gets to shower and get ready alone. Whatever. Fine, I won't get it cut, I'll look like a loser, and feel crappy, and stressed over it, and it will take longer to get ready, and Bree will scream and hollar longer while I do it. Fun. Its not going to make me a pleasant person.

More later on the fun parts of April Fools Day and other stuff....I'm now in a pissy mood and don't feel like chatting.


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Mindi said...

hahahhaha! I totally guessed #4!!