Monday, April 19, 2010

C, D, and a Silly Bree

I mentioned previously that I have been working with Bree on some letter crafts. We try to do a different letter each week. Now that the weather is getting nice we've slacked quite a bit, but have still managed to do some projects. Recently we did the letters C & D. For C we made chocolate chip cookies, caterpillers, crazy critters, a cherry tree, cotton candy, and a fake cookie.

For D week we did ducks made out of footprints, a dog bag puppet that we made to look like our Moo, daffodils, daisies made from a pop bottle, and a I love Daddy picture. Bree also picked a bunch of dandelions...which she does whether it's D week or not lol.


Bree has been silly yesterday & today, when she is not being super cranky. Last night she told me to open my mouth, so I did. She looked in there and said, "Hmmm Just what I thought, you have a frog in your throat!" What a goof. Today she did that again, so I got out the video camera. She again talked about a frog in my throat, and a donkey in my throat! LOL must be a big throat! The donkey she talks about is the one we told her that took the boobie milk when I was weaning (story is located here) and its also the same one that we told her took our cuddle chair (where we sat to nurse, and cuddle to get to sleep and back to sleep during the night) when we went to Springfield a few weeks ago. LOL don't laugh! Whatever works right? It has helped with the chair gone. Anyways, here are a few videos I took today of Bree being silly. Excuse the mess in the background.

Dr. Aubrey from Renee Kofoid on Vimeo.

Dr. Aubrey part 2 from Renee Kofoid on Vimeo.

In other news, I have a great friend named Kami :) She custom made a purse for me! Kelsey wants one now too. Kami totally made this purse by herself, it is awesome. She made a keychain to match too. It came today and I was soooo very excited. Thanks Kami! You should check out the stuff Kami makes on Etsy, cool stuff, she is very talented!

That's all I have for tonight, thanks for stopping by, have a great night/day, whatever it is when you read this :) Toodles!

Today's QOTD (Question of the Day) for you to answer in the comments area is: Do you have painted toenails right now? If so, what color? (mine are alternating bright pink & green, because I'm cool like that LOL)


Dazee Dreamer said...

My toenails are a pretty pink/peach color with a butterfly painted on both big toes.

Amanda said...

Ha! Dr. Audrey. So cute!!

My toenails are clear! :)