Monday, April 12, 2010

Pictures as promised!

Yesterday I promised pictures from our visit to my brothers in Springfield and by golly today I am fufilling that promise and posting a bunch! I put a lot in collage form so you can see more without to many pics loading. I hope you enjoy them.

So we got to Springfield on Thursday night, we visited and spent some time with Trinity getting used to us crazy girls lol. On Friday we had a busy day! We went to a zoo (had lunch at the zoo, we got surrounded by peacocks! They came right up to us and ate from Kelsey's hand!), then to a park, then we went home for a bit to refresh, then went out to dinner. We went to Darcy's for a horseshoe, it was YUMMY! Last time we went to another place that had them, it was featured on Diners Drive ins and Dives on the Food network, but to be honest they sucked. Darcy's is MUCH MUCH better. Thanks Beth for taking us there! Saturday we chilled out at the house with Robb & Trinity (Beth had to work). Spent most of the day outside and taking lots of pictures. Robb's house is so cool. Its big, and located way back away from the main road. When you turn in the long driveway road to get to his house you see a pond on the right, then down a bit there is a little bridge where the water goes underneath. The girls saw a snake there Saturday, and lots of frogs too. (ICK). Behind Robb & Beth's house is a lot of field areas and some trees. Back there we saw deers, and a pheasant. Sometimes they even see turkey's and hear coyotes (we didn't see them this time). Anyways, you get the picture, its a cool place :) Saturday was great (minus the sad news about Elliott :( ). Sunday we packed up and headed out. We got on the road around 10ish, and we stopped for a coke and gas, and we made it home by 12:20.

Here are the pictures as promised.







Oh, I forgot to mention lol, on Saturday morning Beth had to work, but Robb wouldn't be home for about another hour, so she asked if I would mind babysitting. I said no problem! So I had her wake me when she was leaving, then I got up to go to the other room so I'd be able to hear Trinity if she woke up. So I'm sitting in the recliner, in the semi dark room just relaxing when I saw something move. Over at the corner of the fire place was a MOUSE! EEK! I quickly got my feet up into the chair lol because I'm a chicken! The mouse scurried behind the entertainment center. Every so often he would peek out and I'd make a noise and it would run back. I *think* there were 2, one looked more brown, one looked like it had white on its face, but I was in shock so I could be imagining things haha. Anyways it finally got back up onto the fireplace then ran along the seat thing and into a vent in the brickwork. Mice are long as they are far away from me. They have a super clean house, but living out there with fields and wild life all around they are bound to get mice. I hope Robb is able to catch the little dude(s) soon.

I hope you enjoyed hearing and seeing pics about our trip. Sorry for the photo overload.

Please keep my friends Cindy & Dan in your thoughts as they prepare for their son's wake and memorial service later this week.

QOTD: (if you are new here, that is the Question of the Day, take a minute to answer it in the comments area!) If someone gave you enough money to start a business of your own, what kind of business would you start?


Tammy said...

Other than the scary mice and snakes, it sounds like you guys had a fantastic time with your brother. I hope you munched on Trinity's legs a little bit for me. You did promise. Hehe.

The pictures are fantastic, you did a great job taking photos.

If someone gave me the money to start up a business... I honestly don't know. I'm really tempted to say a photography business. It is my great love and I've worked as a photographer at two different studios but I'd want to do both studio and on-site photo shoots. I don't like being confined all the time but a studio does have its place.

Anonymous said...

I'd have a bookstore if someone gave me the start up money and if I wasn't old enough to want to retire, lol. Hubby says I already have enough books to start one!