Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today I didn't get anything accomplished.

I spent my day watching CNN Live online.

Never thought I'd spend an entire day watching anything on CNN. I'm not a news junkie like my mom (sorry mom!).

It started last night really.

I got on CNN Live online to watch them make the first rescue of a Chilean miner.

When he came up, and his boy hugged him, I cried like a baby...

I wanted to stay up and watch more, but I was exhausted from crappy sleepless nights lately so I went to bed.

This morning I turned it back on and I've been glued to it most of the day.

I wasn't alone...I was chatting with my friend Dazee on Skype all day and we watched together, and cried together.

It was amazing watching each one head up, and get out, and the reunions with their family.

Some of the miners (well one...) has some controversy to him, apparently he had an affair, and his wife AND mistress met at the rescue site. Talk about awkward!

The reunions with children involved made me cry each and every time today. One especially, a 11 yr old sister to one of the miners...she stood waiting and waiting, trying so hard not to cry before he even got out. You could see her chin quivering. Once she hugged him it all let loose. So sweet.

While my house is a mess, I think it was worth it, to view this. These miners are getting a new lease on life. History was made with their rescues.

I was amazed watching today, that their president was there almost the whole time, greeting the miners as they came out. That makes an awesome president in my book. Other countries presidents should take notice and learn there for your people.

Kudos go out to all the rescuers, who put in so many hours, and risked their lives to make sure these men got to safety to be with their family again. Well done.

I bet it will be kinda freaky for the very last rescuer to come up...being down there totally alone for a bit...make sure you turn off the lights dude :)

QOTD: Did you watch any of the rescues?



Dazee Dreamer said...

I totally enjoyed watching and talking all day. It was amazing and such a feel good story.

Amanda said...

I did not watch any of it, but I got a little teary reading about you watching it an crying like a baby!! :)

I LOVE that you are in a picture in your header... you are a beautiful lady. :)