Saturday, October 30, 2010


Happy Saturday!

I spent the first half of my day cleaning.
I cleaned the bathroom,
living room,
kitchen...even washed the floor,
did some laundry,
all that fun stuff.

Guess what.

You'd never know it by looking at my house now.

I find it depressing!
It makes me wonder why I even attempt to clean, since I know it will be messy within a few hours, hell sometimes even minutes.

Yet I still do it.
I clean.
Like it or not.
I'm always worried someone will come over,
and see the normal mess...
Which is what they see anyways usually, because like I said, minutes after I clean
its messy again.

I heard a quote ages ago, that totally rings true.
"Cleaning the house while the children are still growing, is like shoveling snow before it stops snowing."
So if you visit my house...
and see a huge mess...
please remember that quote.
Thanks. :)

This evening as I was cooking dinner, my daughter Kelsey snuck into the kitchen.
I didn't hear her come in.
I was concentrating on the food I was making.
I turned around, and there she was in my face saying "BOO!"
Scared the shit out of me.
I made an awkward noise and smacked her.
That'll teach her for scaring me :)
She totally got me....The brat.

So then, after having the shit scared out of me, I go to leave the kitchen.
I'm walking on out, normally, wearing my slippers...then it happened.
I was on the floor.
My darling other daughter Jilly Bean, was doing some crafting things today in the kitchen.
She left a piece of tulle on the floor.
If you don't know what tulle is, its a thin piece of like netting fabric...
I didn't have the kitchen light on, so I didn't see it on the floor...Plus, I wasn't looking, I was just walking...
Once my foot hit that tulle, my ass hit the floor.
I wish I had a camera rolling as it happened to catch the look on my face.
As I was going down I kept thinking, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!
The THUMP I made was funny.
As I bet the look on my face was.
What wasn't so funny was the pain of hitting the floor... and the pain I feel now...
It kinda feels like I've been hit by a truck.
But the was FUNNY.
I was laughing and crying at the same time.
The girls laughed at me too. (Meanies!)
I couldn't stop laughing!
Laughed for about 5 minutes.
Once I got my fat ass off the floor (still laughing), I had to stand in one place with my legs crossed to keep from pissing myself. After 4 kids the pee control isn't what it used to be LOL.
But rest assured, I managed to keep dry. :) I know, you were worried.
Did you hear the big THUMP all the way where you live?
Or all the laughter?

I know one thing...
I'm not laughing now...I'm hurting. Its going to be an Advil night.

Tonight Kelsey painted my nails for me.
She did a weird, yet cool design on them, 2 colors.
She plans to go to cosmetology school after she is practicing that kind of stuff now.
I'm not complaining, I enjoy getting my nails done.
Now...if only I could get her to practice massages and facials... :)

The 3 girls played hide & seek in the house tonight too. I love listening and watching that.
Bree counts super fast. When she hides she constantly giggles giving herself away.
Sometimes if the seeker says "hmmm where is Bree?"
Bree will reply, "HERE I AM!" and give herself away...she has a lot to learn...
Jilly asked where to hide once and I gave her a good idea, it took Kels a long time to find her.
Then I had to give Kels an idea...which is harder because she is bigger and harder to hide!
I told her to put on dark pants, put on a coat, and stand quietly in the coat closet.
So it would look like a coat hanging up basically.
It was a great idea in my opinion.
Unfortunately, Kels started to giggle as Jilly was looking for her and Jilly caught on.

That is how my Saturday went. How was yours?

Tomorrow I'm taking the girls over to my mom's neck of the woods to trick or treat.
Of course Bree & Jilly are super excited.
Kels might dress up to go with them, but I don't want her trick or treating, she is to old for that.
If she dresses up she might go as a frazzled mom, pjs, robe, messy hair, face cream on, and a kid (doll) strapped to her leg. My friend Dazee gave me that idea :)

Here is a peek at what my girls looked like on Friday when they went to the trick or treat downtown event here. Jilly was an Indian princess wearing a sari (her idea), and Bree was Cinderella.




Dazee Dreamer said...

your poor butt. I did laugh a little when you told me about it tho. sorry, I still love you.

Amanda said...

Seriously, your kids are just perfection. Those smiles are contagious!!

Keep up the great work Paula!!


(I could not remember FOREVER the name I had called you.. I think I had Julie in there, Denise... but finally it came to me!)