Monday, October 4, 2010

Mad about Moo

Moo is our dog. She was originally named Jasmine, but she looks like a cow, so she got nicknamed Moo...and it has stuck.

I'm not overly fond of Moo. In fact, lately, I'm really not liking her much.

Several times a week Moo is mean to me, and it makes me mad. I let her out before I go to bed to do her business, then I put her in her cage for the night. Seems like she has sleep radar, and if I start to doze off, she starts whining and barking to go out and pee again. Some nights she'll only wake me once or twice. Some nights it is out of last night. Seems like every 5 minutes she was barking to go out again. By 12:15, 2 hrs past the time I tried to go to bed, and after about 10 trips outside with her, I had had enough. I gave her a small portion of one of her tranquilizers. I guess that is bad of me isn't it? I just couldn't take it anymore. I was already exhausted from the night before and so looking forward to sleeping, then she postponed that for me, I was so tired. I need Bree & Moo to cooperate, and let me sleep a few nights uninterrupted, I need it so bad, I'm sick of feeling tired all the time.

While I'm mad at Moo, Bree is mad about Moo... She seems to enjoy talking to Moo a lot lately, sneaking treats to her, laying by her cage, and giving her hugs & kisses as well.

Here are some cute pics of Bree & Moo doing hugs & kisses this afternoon

Bree & Moo xoxo

QOTD: Do you have/go to garage sales often?


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Dazee Dreamer said...

you are a good woman. i'm afraid me and moo would have to part ways.