Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend...in pictures.

This weekend I took the girls to Sannauk Forest Preserve for photos. Jilly wasn't going to do it, so there not as many of her...but I did manage to get a few out of her. We also did pumpkins and leave raking...and well...I took a ton of pics over the weekend. Like over 800... I'd love to show you them ALL, but we'd be here all day LOL....so I put a bunch into collages to show you that way. Enjoy!

Bree at Sannauk 1

Kelsey at Sannauk 1

Kels & Bree Sannauk 1

K and B Sannauk2

Bree Sannauk2

Jilly at Sannauk

girls being silly

J, K, and B Sannauk

girls at the hill


Sunset oct. 16 2010

Bree pumpking carving

J & K pumpkin carving

leave fun
Talk about picture overload...



Dazee Dreamer said...

you are the queen of pictures!!

Amanda said...

Awesome pictures... gorgeous scenery... totally amazing carving! Looks like a fantastic weekend! :)