Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy & Lazy :)

Busy & Lazy. Those are my excuses for being a blog slacker.

As you know, if you read my blog, I've been busy with cookies & such. Then I had a messy disaster of a house to clean, for it all got put off while I did cookies.

Then I had a case of being lazy. I didn't feel like doing anything, and blogging was included. I've been tired, and cranky. The neighbors dogs have kept me awake until around midnight a few nights, along with Bree's wakings and my own dog needing to go out. I would really love to have a few nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Next it was busy again...spent most of yesterday out at my moms. She & I are having a garage sale at her house on Friday, so there was a lot of pricing...and repricing, since Bree kept taking the dang stickers off! I still have a few more boxes of stuff to price that is down in my basement yet, and I have tables to get hauled over there too. Thursday I go back to set everything up, and Friday morning will be sale time. Fun fun. Not. Garage sales are so much work! I hope everything sells, so I don't have to find a place to send it too. I sure as hell am not bring it back home.

Well pooh, there was more I was going to tell you all, but after having a bunch of interruptions I don't remember what it was! LOL I'm getting so old.

QOTD: What do you like to eat on a cool fall day?


P.S. Here are a few pics of some of the cookies I made last week:



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Dazee Dreamer said...

you are far from lazy. duh

I like to eat soup or chili on a chili day.