Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yay for friends! I have some. Not to many, but a few good ones...good ones are the best kind :)

I have my friend Amy from High School, she & I remain friends, we go in spurts of communication though. Sometimes we talk a lot, sometimes its a few years between talking. Now that she is going to be active on facebook maybe we'll get back in the swing of keeping up more. I've mentioned Amy here before, if you remember, I made her wedding cake when I was pregnant with Bree...and the cake collapsed on the way to the wedding...and I cried. I have a picture of it here. Things worked out ok though, we ended up salvaging the cake by just making pieces of it and plating it to serve that way...bad thing was no one got to see the pretty cake before the disaster.

I have Cindy, who I met several years ago through a caring-bridge site that we both visited. She ended up sending me a comment because she realized I lived nearby, and we've been friends since.

I have my close mommy friends on my Dec. 07 mommy group forum too. Two of those moms I am really close to. They are Tammy & Kami. Tammy is in Canada, Kami is in California. We talk daily on skype. We would love to get together some day....if only one of us can win the lottery :)

A while back I met a blogger named Mindi. She is awesome and very sweet. She has a great blog, I can't link you to it though, because it is private. She & I got pretty close, but she has been pretty busy lately so we haven't talked as much, I miss her.

Mindi introduced me to her mom. She'd tell me often that I reminded her of her mom, which I wasn't sure if it was good or bad LOL. Come to find out its good. Her mom & I have become very good friends via the Internet. Dazee (aka Donna), and I first started by following each others blogs. Then we started shooting off an occasional email back and forth. Now we talk on skype daily! Donna is a hoot. She & I are a lot alike in many ways, but we also have differences on things too, which makes a great friendship. We both like McD's coke, and frappes, we both drink coconut creamer in our coffee, we both swear (yeah I know, not very ladylike lol but that is the way we are!), we both have a crazy odd sense of humor,we just hit it off really well. I hope some day we can meet up. Right now we are pretty far apart, me here in IL, she in UT. We will have crazy fun when we finally get together.

I wish I had my friends close-by so we could hang out instead of hanging out talking through a keyboard and computer screen. I am very grateful for my great friends...even if they are far away.

I made this for my friends...Feel free to pass it on if you want. Hugs to my girl friends!




Dazee Dreamer said...

aahh thanks. you rock.

One of these days me and Mindi are going to come visit you. It will be a surprise.

Anonymous said...

am I your friend?

Renee said...

Dazee, just warn me first, so I can have my house in order and my bra on ;)

Mom, yes you are my friend too...