Sunday, May 9, 2010

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Happy Mother's Day ! I hope all the mother's are having a marvelous day of pampering and good things. I got flowers from my mom, and Bill, and Zach too, along with some candles from him, and some cards. Kelsey made breakfast for me today too, it was nice. Unfortunately the cleaning fairy never showed up, so I had to get busy and clean the disaster kitchen, and then the living room. I still need to do laundry, but I'm being lazy at the moment.

Yesterday was BUSY. I was on the go all day. Took Jilly to her step mom's, then went to my friend Cindy's, and to my moms, then to the library, came home for a few hours then left again to Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and Target. Got home, got my pj's on, ate a crappy dinner, then had to get dressed again, because my MIL finally got home, so I could run something over to her, ended up not getting back until 8:45 p.m. than I cuddled with Bree, she stayed up till 10:30, where does she get her energy?? By then I was to tired to blog, so I missed Mama M's Mother's Day Mania day? she says day 4, I think it was 3, because Friday was a regular 5QF, not a mother's day related one. Whatever it was, I missed it. Sorry. I think the topic was most embarrassing mothering moment or the best thing about being a mom. I don't think I've ever been embarrassing LOL...I must have blocked any moments of that from my memory. I do love being a mom though. I loved being pregnant, even the aches and pains, I didn't feel like I loved that at the time, but I did. I loved child birth too, while painful, its the most awesome experience one can ever have. I love my kids. I love the "Hey mom! I love you" that Bree tells me a million times a day. I love all my kids. I do not *love* the constant fighting between the older ones, but I'm glad I'm able to have them all around and healthy to be able to do that. Some mothers are not so lucky and have lost their children way to soon, and today on Mother's Day, they are feeling sad.

Todays Mother's Day Mania is to write a letter to your first born... I feel kinda awkward doing so here on the blog...for there are some things that I'd rather not say publicly. I'll do the best I can.


You were so wanted, and you were a struggle to get. It took a lot of practice, and doctors appointments to conceive you. Once I found out I was pregnant (in the bathroom of Lord & Taylors at the mall with my friend Amy) I was so excited! I wrote letters to you in your baby book as the pregnancy went along, I shared how I was feeling, what you were doing (ie: kicking the crap out of me, etc). Being pregnant with you was so cool, and it had some struggles too, but you (and I) came out super. You were a handful as a baby, very colicy. Thank God Grandma would come help me out now and then, so I'd not go crazy hehe. Once that was taken care of, you turned into such an awesome boy and you were quite happy. You learned so much every day, and amazed me with your speech and the things you did. We used to go shopping with Grandma every Saturday, and you were pretty good most of the time, we always enjoyed our days w/Gram. Once your sister Kelsey came, you started to turn into a handful. Some days you were super good, and other days horrible to Kelsey. That is pretty much how its been ever since. I so wish you guys would get along and realize its great to be brother and sister, and friends.
Through the years you went through a lot. Some good, some bad. While I've not always agreed with your choices, I always love you and support you the best way I'm able. Now that you are an adult, I hope you are able to get a good job, that you ENJOY, and that you can be happy. I hope you will be able to look at life a little more on the positive side, and not always with some of the meanness you show towards some people. I hope that you find someone that can be a long time partner that can make you happy and be on cloud 9 all the time. I'm thankful that you are able to come to me with things, and share things with me that most 19 yr olds (or any age guy!) wouldn't tell his mom. I'm glad we have bonded and you feel comfortable doing that. I'm sorry that life hasn't always been perfect, and at times has been hard because of the way things went, please know that I did my best.
Remember, I love you.

There ya have it, the end of Mother's Day Mania. I hope you enjoyed it.

I mentioned yesterday I went to moms, Cindy's, and MIL's house. I delivered cookies I made. Wanna see? I also made some for teacher appreciation week, and delivered those on Friday. Here are some pics:

This last pic is some of the teacher ones before I got writing on them. The ones with the black birds on them were for Cindy. The day Elliott passed away, she asked for a sign from him that he is out there...and a blackbird flew by, so she thinks of Elliott when she sees them. I thought it would be nice to make some like that for her.


Gosh this is a long post today! Sorry! I've been given another blog award thingy, this time from Dazee Dreamer over at Crazy Days & Nite Dreams. Thank you Dazee Dreamer! I'm glad you think highly of me and want to give me this award. The rules are:


1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

I can do #1 & 2 no problem. Its 3 that is the hard I think I'm going to break that rule, since no one I know will do these when I send them. :( Sorry about that part.

So, 7 things about me...
1. My toenails are green & pink toe, pink toe, green toe, pink get the picture.
2. I have a fear of small places. Slept in a water heater box as a kid, thought it would be a good fort, woke up in the middle of the night in a panic thinking I couldn't get out...that started it.
3. I have saggy boobs. LOL TMI? :)
4. I started a new craft/hobby last night. Washer necklaces.
5. Being licked grosses me out (well, not THAT kind of lick..;) ) My kids think its funny to lick my arm, or cheek, and watch me scream and wipe it off as quick as possible.
6. I need new underwear.
7. I'm drinking a cold refreshing McD's coke as I type this (a Mother's Day gift to myself).
There ya have it! Thanks again Dazee Dreamer for the award.


I mentioned flowers above, the roses Bill got me are super cool, I've never seen anything like them before...see


Thats it! I'm done, better finish before this turns into a book! Toodles!

QOTD: What did you get for Mother's Day?


Mindi said...

Hey, I have saggy boobs too! haha! What a sweet letter to Zach. I'm sure he really loves you! And I just want to eat up those yummy looking cookies! You are such a sweetie pie to make them for everyone, especially for your friend who's lost her child. I can't imagine on a day like today what that must feel like for her. Thank god for friends like you Renee! Happy Mothers Day!

ANSWER: I got my clean room for mothers day afterall! Yee Haw! :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would love to see a picture of your toenails :) You rock.

Kate said...

I love your cookies! I gave up trying to make & decorate sugar cookies because they always ended up looking like CRAP.

Tammy said...

You had such a busy weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

QOTD: I got a card from my husband and one from my daughter. I also got a fingerprint pendant and a clay heart from my daughter. My husband gave me the day off. He got up with our daughter in the morning and took care of her all day. He even made us brunch. It was perfect!