Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kid Interview 2

Yesterday I posted an interview with Jillian. Today is Zach's turn. Since he is here, I thought I'd take a few minutes to ask him some questions. If you've read my blog previously, or read the info on the side here showing pictures of all the family members, you would have noticed that Zach is gay. So, my questions to him are about his 'coming out' etc. So, that said, if you have something against homosexuals, this post is not the one for you to read. If you would like to get to know about Zach, then please, read on.


1. At what age did you realize you might be gay?
I would have to say around 15-16

2. Do you think you are born gay or that its something you learned as you grew up?
of course dating girls was just to awkward in my opinion, I mean yea some women are attractive but there is something about a guy that just makes me happy

3. Were you afraid at your first gay encounter?
no I had no reason to be we liked eachother and were comfortable in our own skin and thats all it takes to make me at ease

4. Have you 'come out' to everyone now?
pretty much so I'm sure there are a few people who dont know but will find out eventually

5. Have you had more positive or negative reactions to those you've come out to?
I'd have to say more positive there have been the occasional " cant you fix it" or "you know its against the bible" but I'm happy and thats all that should matter

6. What is the worst reaction you've experienced about coming out?
there really wasnt a bad one so no clue lol

7. What was the best reaction you've experienced about coming out?
all of the positve ones were the best ones im just happy I'm excepted for who I am

8. Who were you most afraid to tell?
I would have to say my grandparents because they grew up in a different time and have different beliefs then society today

9. Did anyone surprise you with their reactions? Such as someone you thought would be totally against it was ok with it, or vise versa?
basically everyone surprised me i was expecting to be disowned by my father and his side of the family because I know how much they are set in their old fashioned ways

10. Do you want to get a life long partner and adopt kids some day?
of course I do its what we all live for. I would love to one day settle down and have a family, as long as I can get an asian baby and name it Panda Delilah

11. What kind of reactions do you get when you have public displays of affection?
I've had the good and the bad nowadays tho its accepted.... some people are like awwwww and others tell me to burn in hell, which in return they get an earful from me

12. Do you find a lot of people curious about 'gay' activities, do people ask you a lot of questions?
not really but I always like to make my "sexcapades" known lol it brings more awareness to the term anal astronaut

Umm so there ya have it LOL. Toodles!
QOTD: Do you have any gay friends or family?


Dazee Dreamer said...

Loved the post. Yes, I've had gay friends, and I have a niece that is gay, but is scared to come out, especially to my side of the family. She has come out to me and my kids, because she knows that we will accept her no matter what.

I have to say, anal astronaut, cracked me up!!!!!

Tammy said...


Great interview, Renee.

QOTD: I know lots and lots of gay people.

Mindi said...

What a awesome son you have Renee! I have gay friends, and they are some of the best friends i've got! I'm happy he is accepted! What a difference that makes in this world!