Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new

The first spring Bill & I were together, I purchased a pool for the backyard, one of those do it yourself things you get at Walmart for a few hundred bucks. The girls loved it. Unfortunately it was a pain in the butt to keep clean, and it took up most of our back yard. When Bill went to working 2 jobs, it was just to hard to maintain the pool, so once it went down it didn't go back up. Yesterday I sold the pool. With the money I got a new kiddie pool (and other stuff too). The kiddie pool came with 2 blow up dinosaurs, which Bree loves. The pool has a slide, and a 'waterfall' feature as well. It seems to be a hit. Bree spent a lot of time out in her pool today. When Jilly got home from school she too enjoyed the pool. I took a ton of pics earlier in the day, so of course I'll share them here :) I hope you enjoy. I did them in a collage so you can see many without me posting a ton. One of my faves of Bree is her wedgie butt lol, I love her little booty.

Bree in the pool collage

Kelsey slide pool



Mindi said...

SO CUTE!!! What a fun water slide-dino! C-man would die!

MiyokoC_Rachal奕玲 said...
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