Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Mania-Day 2

Howdy everyone! Today's Mother's Day Mania is birth stories! I have 4 kids, so this could take a while LOL. So get a drink & snack, sit down and put your reading glasses on....

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Ok, First was Zach. I was due for Zach on Aug. 10, that night we went to my husbands class reunion. So many people asked, "When are you due? You are as big as a house" When I told them I was due that day they were shocked that I was even there LOL. No baby that night, darn it. I had a doctor appt. on the 13th, he stripped my membranes when he examined me, and told me if it didn't bring on labor I was to be at the hospital by such & such time the next day for induction. After the appt. my husband and I went on our merry way. We went out to dinner at a little drive in place. While there I kinda started feeling icky, back ache, just blah feeling...didn't think much of it. Went home, chilled out...kept feeling icky. Went to bed for a while, I think it was around midnight that the back pains started to get pretty bad...and diarrhea started, (oh fun!) I kinda thought woohoo, I think this is it! It was a long painful night. We ended up going to the hospital in the morning Aug. 14, 1990. My husband spent a lot of my labor watching sports on ESPN, that totally annoyed me. My mom was there too, helping me cope with the pain. I was a wuss and afraid of needles. The IV wasn't to bad though, because they did it during a contraction so I didn't really think about the IV going in. I did not in anyway want an epidural though! The thought of a needle in my back scared the crap out of me. I did end up getting some drugs in my IV, I think it was demoral. Wow that stuff is totally cool. It felt like I was sleeping, I couldn't keep my eyes open, but I heard everything going on, and it was in slow motion. Fun stuff. I don't remember all the details of pushing and all, shame on me. I do remember not being able to see in the mirror, and I was bummed about that. I remember it hurting, and getting a lot of stitches, down in my girly parts...because I gave birth to a toddler! Zachary Allen was 9 lbs 5 oz. (after 19 hrs of labor) my big little boy. I remember making my husband go get me fast food right after birth lol, I was hungry! I also was in for a surprise...BLEEDING. No one told me about that part. Those pads that are ice packs too are so cool. :)

Next came Kelsey...My pregnancy with Kels was stressful, I discovered my husband had had an affair and I was an emotional wreck. We ended up seperating during that time so it was me pregnant and sick a lot of the time, taking care of a toddler (Zach) alone. Anyways...I ended up going to a doctor appt. (Feb. 28, 1994) he checked me and said he 'thought' he felt her head, but there was a slight chance it was her tailbone. He asked what I was doing today, I said I don't know you tell me! Then he told me to make arrangements for Zach to be watched, then go to Labor & Delivery for a sonogram. If it showed Kelsey was breech, we'd do a C-section, if not, then I could go my merry way and wait for labor. So I did what I was told, and ended up at L & D. Sure enough, she was breech. At this point I was also having contractions. So, arrangements were made, people were called, including Kelsey's dad, who was living/working in Wisconsin at the time. He drove as fast as he could to get there but just missed it. My mom went into the operating room with me in his place. She was the first to hold her and got to take Kelsey to the nursery. Kelsey weighed 8lbs 6 oz. I picked her name, I figured my husband didn't deserve to have a say in it after what he did. So her name is Kelsey Elizabeth (my moms middle name). Shortly after Kelsey's birth I took my husband back...and we tried to make it work for several years, but we just couldn't do it anymore and divorced.

Then after I remarried, came Jillian. My pregnancy was kind of tough, had high blood pressure issues, ended up having her 3 wks early due to it. After being on bedrest, my blood pressure was still in a bad range so my doctor called me and told me to head to the hospital, this was on Aug. 22. I was to go in, be given some cervix ripening stuff and the next day induction. I freaked out because Aug. 23, 2007 was the first day of school and I wanted to be there for Zach & Kelsey. I called my mom in a panick, she settled me down and said she'd be there for them. So off to the hospital I went. Contractions started right away, but didn't do a whole lot. The next morning, pitocin was started. Unfortunately, Jillian didn't like it, and her heart rate kept dropping, so they had to stop it. Guess what that meant? Another C-section for me. It was evening before they got me in finally. Jillian Jenny was born weighing 6 lbs, my tiniest little baby so far. Her dad was in the operating room with me, as he should have been. My mom and Zach & Kelsey were waiting for me when I got out of recovery. I remember when they came in to see me & Jilly, Zach looked at me, saw the bag of pee on the side of bed, and said, "Mom, what are they feeding you? Orange juice?" He thought it was an IV thing LOL. It was my PEE!

Child #4, after a divorce and remarraige, was Aubrey! Since I had 3 c-sections already, no VBAC was allowed. I had a scheduled C-section for Dec. 19, 2007. We got there super early. My mom came to the house to manage the older kids, and bring them out in time to meet their sister. On the way to my house that morning, mom hit a deer...eek! Anyways, I got in early around 7:30ish, the kids arrived just as I got wheeled back, so I was able to kiss them all before getting sliced open. I got back and was prepped. The nurses were super nice, and helped calm my nerves. Maybe knowing what was going on freaked me out more than the unknown. Bill was able to come sit by me once they had me all set. The c-section went fast. Bill & I got all teary. Bill got to cut the cord. We got to see Bree, and get a picture, then she went off to get her stuff done while I was closed up and off to recovery. It seemed like I was in recovery forever! The numbness seemed to last and last and I had to wait until I could feel certain things before I could go to my room. I was anxious to get back to my baby and show her off to everyone. My brother & SIL were there by the time I got to my room, it was nice having them there to meet Aubrey Danielle. She weighed in at 7lbs 4 oz. . I enjoyed a nice stay at the hospital :) got to rest while I could before going back to our crazy house. Came back home Dec. 22, it was nice to be home a few days before Christmas.

There ya go, my birth stories. I hope they made sense! I'm tired and my memory is kind of bad lol I hope I got it all accurate.

Off to cuddle with child #4 in hopes she goes to sleep soon...Toodles!

QOTD: Did you have drugs during child birth?

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Dazee Dreamer said...

Hell yes, I had drugs. Got the blasted pitocin with my first 2, and had to be dialated to at least a 3 before they would give me an epidural. You are a far braver woman than me :)

Danielle said...

Heck yea I had an epidural with Tom-Tom!!! :-D I'm waaaayyy too much of a wuss to do child birth w/o meds!! Lucky me didn't have to wait until I was __cm's along! Woo hoo!! :D

Tammy said...

I *tried* to have an epidural and it was given to me but the line pinched off about 20 minutes after it was given to me and Paige was out the door quickly after that so they didn't have time to find out what was wrong with it. I ended up having a drug-free birth when I most definitely wanted all the drugs they could give me. HAHA.