Sunday, May 30, 2010


My weekend has been so boring. I need some excitement, but only the GOOD kind. Don't forsee anything happening though, drat.

I spent my day today cleaning the girls room. By girls I mean Jilly & Bree's room. It was a diaster zone. Hmmm maybe I should link this to my Show me Saturday Disaster post hehe. Jilly had a mountain of clothing on the floor, there were books, toys, dolls, name it, it was on the floor. Mid cleaning it dawned on me that I should take a picture, see:

As I said, that was MID cleaning, it was much worse when I started. But still, in this picture its pretty messy. I worked for a long time cleaning that room. I even cleaned out Jilly's dresser, refolding and organizing the clothing that she hip-hazardly shoved in the drawers, everything was mixed up, pj's in the shirt drawer, pants in the undie drawer, you get the picture. It took longer then it should have because I had a little 2 yr old helping. By helping she was getting more stuff out after I put stuff away. Kinda frustrating. Finally, I was able to see the floor. Big improvement. I still need to sort toys, but I kinda figure why bother. Is Bree really going to put all her Kai Lan stuff in the Kai Lan bin? Or all her tea party stuff in the tea party bin? Doubtful, she'll just toss it in something, just to get it off the floor, so why should I go through the hassel of seperating everything right now. Here is the finished room:

Better right? I wonder how long it will last. With just Bree home right now it will be good, but once Jilly gets home tomorrow, I bet it will get dirty again fast.

After cleaning I came out to relax a bit, and Bree fell asleep, at 4...big mistake. She slept till 6:30, I had to go wake her up or she'd have slept longer. I think she needed the sleep, but I really don't want to be up till 2 a.m. now. I too tried to nap, but of course I couldn't fall asleep. So here it is 10 p.m. and she is going strong, I am yawning and having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Please keep Jilly in your thoughts, tomorrow she says good bye to her step mom & step siblings and to her dads house, and they move to Norway. I think its going to be a sad day for her.

QOTD: Did you keep your room clean as a child?



Anonymous said...

With 4 girls in one bedroom our room was never totally neat, but every Saturday was cleaning day for the family and we had to tidy up our room or mom would have a hissy fit.

Tammy said...

Good luck keeping that room clean. I'm guessing that it is already a disaster zone with Jilly home now. HAHA

QOTD: My room was rarely clean. Kids don't care or think about that kind of stuff.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Good lord. My room looked a hundred and fifty times worse than your girls room, even mid clean. I was a total throw things where they land type of girl. Every once in a while, I would get a wild hair and clean. And when I would clean, I would move the furniture around and everything just to get that fresh, yeah I'm clean feeling. Now, I make my bed everyday. yikes. I never did that growing up at all.

Mindi said...

Love the before and after photos! You've been busy this weekend! I would keep my room 'looking' clean but that meant my closet and drawers were a disaster from trying to hide it all! :/

Amanda said...

YOu did a great job with your clean up!! HOw long did it last??? :)

I did NOT keep my room clean as a kid. I was (am) a SLOB!