Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Renee's Recipe Round-Up

I was thinking again...scary huh?! See, I was cooking dinner, and making a potato dish that I make often, and I thought it would be nice to know how other people make their potatoes. So I thought, why not do a recipe swap type of thing. I will call it Renee's Recipe Round-Up, and try to do it weekly. I'll give a theme, such as 'potatoes', then you blog your favorite potato recipe and link up. Maybe another time we'll have 'chicken' as the theme, etc. Easy peasy? So, please keep an eye out for this feature. I don't have a pretty button, and I don't know how to make you can just use my Renee's Ramblings button over on the side. (You will have to highlight it, hit control C, then put it on your blog by doing control V, since I have right click disabled)

So, lets give this a try shall we? I'll start one tonight. I'll leave the linky thingy up for a week I think, that should give you all plenty of time to blog and link up. Hopefully I'll remember to do this one and not forget like "Show me Saturday" LOL. I do want to try to bring that back though.

Renee's Recipe Round-Up....Potatoes!
Post your favorite potato recipe and link up!

Here is how I cook potatoes often, its super easy and a family pleaser:
*I peel, and clean several potatoes (6-8 usually)
*I chop them up into small bite size pieces with my handy dandy Pampered Chef food chopper upper thingy (mine is the old version though, I've had it for years!)
*I put them in a casserole type dish that has a lid
*Than add some chunks of butter (probably about 4 T worth)
*I sprinkle them with some Cookies Flavor Enhancers all purpose seasoning
*Cover and microwave. I start with about 6 minutes, then go from there, until they are fork tender.
*I like to eat them just like that, but the kids sometimes put ketchup on them, or if we have gravy we sometimes put that on them. Its super easy, very yummy.

How do YOU cook your potatoes? Link up!


Mindi said...

This is a great idea because I've actually thought about posting some of my favorite recipes on my blog! I have a really good potato casserole I like to make for the holidays...can I link up with that one? I'll have to find the recipe first! :)

Renee said...

If it has potatoes of some kind in it then of course!

Mindi said...

OK, sounds good! I'll link up this weekend! I'm going to help Chocolates school class today/then it's family movie night at my house! (Looooong day! :) Hope you have a good one!

Mindi said...

OK-totally linked up! Let me know if any of your readers would like an invitation to view my blog since it's private. :/ :)