Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Renee's Recipe Round-Up

Glad to see you again! Thanks for stopping by. If you are new here, WELCOME! Today I'm doing the 2nd Renee's Recipe Round-Up. Last week I came up with the idea, and I got a few people interested so I'm going to do it again. Hopefully each week we'll get more and more participating.

Basically, what it is, is that I post a theme food, last week was potatoes, this week is PORK. You blog your favorite recipe to go with that theme, then come back here and link up below. Easy right? Please if you are going to participate in this, please use my Renee's Ramblings button over on the side there in your post, I'd appreciate it. You'll have to highlight the code, then do control c to copy, because I have right click disabled on my blog for safety reasons. I don't know about you, but I'm not a cooking fan, I'd rather bake :) I get tired of the same meals all the time, so I'm looking for some new things to try, which is why I started Renee's Recipe Round-Up.

I don't really have much of a pork recipe myself. But I know some of my blog friends do. All I do really is take a big ole pork roast, stick it in the crock pot with some Cookies Flavor Enhancer sprinkled on, and a little bit of water, and let it cook for several hours. Then I shred it up and mix in some store bought BBQ sauce and have BBQ pork sandwiches. Or, we get pork chops, and use the Cookies Flavor Enhancer on them or a marinade (store bought packet kind) and grill them. This is why I need recipes :) Please post your pork here!

Thanks bunches! Toodles (P.S. if you haven't read the previous post, Bree's interview, please check it out, she's very cute :) )

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Mindi said...

Well I survived Sugar Cookie's field trip today! Came home and napped for 2 hours!! (I have the best husband to let me rest!) Anyways, I'm officially amoung the living again! I plan on drafting my 'mother of a post' tomorrow and link up! Hope you are ready for this! BUT IT IS SUCH A GOOD RECIPE! :)