Saturday, May 22, 2010

Show Me Saturday! Pets

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all being blessed with a beautiful sunny day like we are here. In a little bit I'm taking Kelsey & Bree to our friends Dan & Cindy's to swim in the pool. It will be Bree's first big pool experience, I hope it goes well :) I'm taking the camera for sure, and will probably have picture overload for you all later, so be prepared.

I almost forget about Show Me Saturday. I just remembered a little bit ago and thought I'd swing on here and post it really fast before we head out the door. The topic will be Pets. Please blog about your pets, show a picture, and link up.

We have 2 cats and a dog. The cats Bill had before we met him. Tigger was always friendly and petable. Sissy was very skittish of everyone, but she has come a long way since we moved in. Sissy is my buddy pretty much, she loves to come sit on my chest, rub against my face and get petted. Sissy has a little spike of hair on her head that is very funny. It doesn't blend in with the other hair, it actually stands up! Bill has tried to cut it off to see if it would not grow back and be normal looking but no such luck. I kinda like it, its different. Maybe she is a unicorn wanna be LOL. Our dog is Jasmine, but she doesn't know that name, we call her Moo. It was a nickname that ended up sticking, she is white with some black spots, she looks like a cow. Moo broke her leg last spring and it ended up costing us a shitload of we didn't have in the first place. We have some issues with Moo, and I honestly don't trust her much, and would never leave her & Bree unattended together. I could go into a long long post about our dog issues, but I won't.. I'm posting pics of the zoo here. I can't wait to see yours!




Your turn! Link up please! (Please link back to me in your blog if you praticipate).
QOTD: What is your favorite kind of pet?

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Mindi said...

My first pet was a kitty named Tigger too!! She was a moody little thing-she was in love with my father, she was jealous of my mom. She had a liter and we kept one of her sons. We named him Critter. He was so furry, he loved to cuddle. He was my favorite! Both passed away about 2years ago. :(

Hope Bree has fun swimming!