Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunny Day Fun & Show Me Saturday (Disasters)

Happy Saturday! Beautiful day here in IL, although its gonna be a HOT one. I've got Bree's little pool set up outside and filled up to hopefully warm up a bit, so after nap she can have fun in the pool. Its kind of a boring day here. The older girls are gone for the weekend, Bill is going to be sleeping most of the day, so its just Bree & I. If anyone is in my area and bored as well, stop by and visit :)

Before posting Show me Saturday I have stuff to show you. I mentioned yesterday I'd be sharing pictures of our day yesterday, and I have them all ready to show you now. I did them in collages so you can see more for less ;) Enjoy!

Bree 5-28-10

Jilly in pool 5-28-10

Kelsey in pool 5-28-10

Kelsey & Jilly had a blast. It was Jilly's first time swimming in a long time (in a normal sized pool). Bree still wasn't a fan of the water but she had a good time doing other stuff.

Ok, time for Show Me Saturday! This week's topic is DISASTERS, could be any kind, food related, party/wedding related, weather related...anything that didn't work out as planned. Blog about it, show a picture, and link up! Please use my Renee's Ramblings button (located over on the side here, highlight, control c to copy then paste to your blog posting). I'll tell you a disaster story of my own, then I'll add the link up(linky is open until Friday).

My story: My dear friend from high school was getting remarried. She asked me to make her wedding cake, it was my gift to her. I was 7 months pregnant with Bree at the time, and it was a hot October. I made the cake, it took me forever, I struggled with it, since I don't normally do wedding cakes I'm not super sure what exactly I'm doing LOL. Anyways, I got it to look decent. It didn't meet my perfection requirements, but at the time it was the best this fat prego woman could muster up. Next was the stress of transporting it, and my family to the wedding, 2 1/2 hrs away. We carefully boxed it, and leveled it in the truck. We made sure no one touched it etc. and Bill drove slowly and carefully avoiding bumps etc. . I thought we were in the clear. Before I go any further, let me show you a picture of the cake as it sat on my kitchen table when I was finished:

misc and cake 016

See, kinda pretty, not to shabby for a non wedding cake maker. So anyways...we get to the location to set the cake up. I had brought with me some supplies for touch ups just in case there was a little mark up during transpot. My husband carefully carried in the heavy cake in the box and set it down on the table. He opened the box to look, and then shut it right away. He told me that I didn't want to look in there. I thought he was being his usual smart ass self and I was laughing. Until I opened the box. My laughter quickly turned to tears. This is what I saw....

amys wedding pics 001

The cake I worked so hard on, the gift for my friend, was ruined. I seriously cried. I also panicked! What was I going to do? We needed to go get ready for the wedding, and I had a disaster on my hands. We ended up cutting the cake into pieces that resembled slices and plating it all up, and it was later served after the dinner at the reception. I was heartbroken, but at least there was cake! And as for the top section, my friend (who was pregnant at the time) kept that for herself and she ate the whole thing HAHA. So while it was depressing, and a big disaster, we were still able to make the best of the situation, thankfully. I think my problem with the cake was that it was to moist, and didn't hold up well because of it. See what I get for not making dry cakes?? I can laugh at my disaster now, but the day it way, I was a pregnant hormonal tired weepy mess.

I hope you enjoyed my disaster story. Now post and show pictures about yours! Link up!

Today's QOTD: What kind of foods do you hate?


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Amanda said...

Oh my gosh... I think I would have DIED!!! It was sure beautiful Renee!! You are talented!