Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Maybe tomorrow

I'm an idiot for thinking I'll post when Bree goes to sleep at night. Why? Because the last few nights have been very late nights, (11 last night, and its 10:30 tonight and she still isn't sleeping) by the time she falls asleep I'm to darn tired to think of typing out a blog that actually makes a tiny bit of sense. Right now I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm a tired mama.

So, a real post will come tomorrow. Hopefully I'm sane enough to do it EARLY in the day instead of waiting until night time.

Before I go...anyone know how to get nail polish out of carpet?

QOTD: How many kids is to many kids for one family to have?


Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm having major writers block. Hopefully both of us will do better tomorrow.

4 or more are too many kids in a family. coming from a kid that came from a family of 9 freaking kids!

Tammy said...

I've heard of a few things: non-acetone nail polish remover, window cleaner and vinegar are three solutions I've heard of. I've never had to deal with it so I'm not sure which one would work.

QOTD: I think it is dependent upon the family. If you can afford to have a number of kids, good for you but in this day and age it is terribly expensive. I will personally be stopping after 2 but that is because that's all that I can handle. HAHA. My parents and grandparents all came from large families and it worked for them but things were different back then. My grandfather was one of 18, eeks!

Mindi said...

I think nail polish should work? Yikes, sounds like fun for you! :/

What is up with our little daughters Renee? Ava is doing the same BS-not falling asleep until after 10 (She's even napping right now to make up for it and it's not even the afternoon yet!) Ugg! Drives me nuts too!

ANSWER: I think it depends on the family...and money sadly. I guess if some people want to hire nannys to help them with all their kids? But still, maybe that's not the best thing for those kids. This day and age it's hard! Having one is a lot of work in itself! I personally dont believe in having one child, every child should have a sibling...but it depends! I'd say 4 max...2 is ideal unless you have a special spirit like my little ava that decides to come to earth like it or not! haha! :)

Hope Bree gets to sleep for you at decent time tonight!