Saturday, May 15, 2010

Show Me Saturday! Guilty Pleasures

Happy Saturday!

I actually remembered, Show Me Saturday. Yay me! Hopefully someone will link up with me this time. If not, oh well. A few weeks ago I came up with this idea, to read about it and the rules, click on this post here. Basically, I give a topic, and we (me, and you too :) ) blog about it with a picture, and link up here. Sounds like fun, no? yes?

This week I chose "Guilty Pleasures' as the topic. What are yours? What do you partake in and enjoy, even though you really shouldn't?

For me, my guilty pleasure is this...


Isn't it beautiful? All icy, cold, sweat on the cup...all big and refreshing, so very yummy....ohhh ahhh how I love you McD's coke. I shouldn't spend the money on them. They are bad for me. But I can't resist. It makes me happy. It puts a smile on my face, it makes my day seem better. For some its something really bad like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes....for me its coke, but only coke from McD's. My habit isn't to horrible... could be so much worse.

So tell me...what is your guilty pleasure? Link up! Toodles

QOTD: Where is your favorite place to grocery shop?


Mindi said...

hahah! I LOVE the picture! McDonalds should totally hire you to do their advertising! Talk about big bucks!! :)

I'll have to think about this one and link up!

ANSWER: We have a grocer in SLC called Harmons-I LOVE it! They have the best produce EVER! I can't shop anywhere else! They even have those cute car carts that the kids can sit in while you shop, and the best thing of all? They have drive in' load-for free! I just drive on up and the bagger puts my groceries in my car for me! LOVE IT!

mommaof3 said...

my anwser will be walmart

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would have to say, Walmart for the most part, Smiths for their bakery (can you say chocolate cake with mint frosting, to die for), and Harmons for their homemade salsa.

Tammy said...

Okay, I'm too late for this but I'd definitely say canned Coca Cola. I drink it all day, every day. I really should cut down on it but I love it too much. Oh and buying fabric. I could easily go broke buying fabric. Now if I could just get off my bum and sew with it. I only use about half of what I buy. LOL.