Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm still alive, just cranky.
I totally blew off this weeks Show Me Saturday. Sorry.
Its been a crazy week.
Not much sleep because of the dog mostly, but a few other causes as well.
Zach's been here for a week...and he likes to whine and complain.
The girls have been bickering A LOT.
I'm tired.
The faucet thingy in the tub is broke.
Bill had to shut the water off Friday night because the water wouldn't go off after he showered.
He tried calling a plumber on Saturday.
Apparently plumbers around here don't work weekends....
I'm hoping they return his call in the morning...
So, being without water mostly, sucks.
We can briefly turn it on for a quick shower, and to fill up some buckets, but thats about it.
Then when you turn it back off the thingy downstairs starts to leak too.
If its not one thing its another.
Went shopping for a few back to school things for the girls today.
Shopping with the 3 girls & Zach is not fun.
I needed a drink after, and I'm not talking McD's coke either.
Anyways..the girls have backpacks, and a few other things, and Jilly has her shoes for P.E., I'm hoping we are set on the supplies part of back to school now.
Next we need clothing...not looking forward to that.
Jilly & Zach have a birthday coming up too.
Zach is an adult now, so he isn't getting much...which won't make him happy but to bad, maybe if he paid me back the $400 he has owed me for 2 yrs now I might feel differently come birthday time...
Have I mentioned I'm tired?
And cranky?

QOTD: What has your weekend mood been?



Dazee Dreamer said...

My weekend has been me being totally a vegger. 2 nights of wedding stuff wore me right out.

Plumbers in your neck of the woods need to get over with the 9 to 5 thing. We have plumbers here that have different crews so they can work during the day and at night for regular hours money. Damn plumbing anyway.

Mindi said...

I'm so sorry you are having a hard week! I understand what it feels like to be used and abused. Hopefully Z can help you guys out a little from now on!
Plumbers here totally do work all the time. Plus they are expensive!
You are so good to go back to school shopping! We still need to do that and my kids started today/start tomorrow-so expensive!!
Hang in there woman!