Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Miss me?

Sorry for my lack of posting recently. Things have been just rather boring... Since my public (mainly 1 person LOL) has made it known that she misses my posting I better get my butt busy and post something! So, here is a post with a little of this, and a little of that in it, no rhyme or reason really.

*I'm super proud of Bree. Last night we switched from a night time diaper to a over night pull up. Normally she loads up her diapers with pee during the night because she loves to drink milk up till she falls asleep and sometimes during the night...Anyways, she slept till 5:40 this morning, woke up and yelled to me that she had to pee, so I took her to the john and she did her business, and her pull up was dry! She said, "Look mom, the sun is coming out" meaning she wanted to stay up! I told her "its just starting to come out so we need to go back to sleep for a while", thankfully she did :) She slept until nearly 11:00 a.m.! (I wonder if she is having a growth spurt or something the last few days she has slept in really late) Upon her wake up she was STILL DRY! I was so happy. I did a happy happy joy dance, gave her a high five, and a BIG hug and kiss and told her how proud I was. When we go places I put her in a regular pull up just to be safe, and lately she refuses to pee in them, even if we are no where near a bathroom, so I'm hoping that was the case with her staying dry last night, and not just a fluke. Cross your fingers for tonight!

*The last few days I've been reading a few books. My mom gave me a few to read when she stopped by on Friday, I've finished 2 of the 3 so far, going to start the 3rd here shortly. They are keeping me occupied until the library calls me with good news that my new Janet Evanovich book is in. I'm on a HUGE waiting list. I'd love to just go buy the book, since I really hate waiting, but I can't see spending $20 for a book I'll only read one time. I hope everyone on this list is a fast reader! I've been waiting for months for the release of this book now its out and I want it.

*Jilly & Kelsey have a love hate relationship. There are a few times a day, mostly at night, where they actually spend time together, where they are not fighting. But that is only a little bit out of a very long summer day. The fighting is driving me crazy. Bill came home today and they were bickering. He says to me, "I don't know how much your getting paid for this job but its surely not enough!" (DUH!) he then proceeded to tell me how he doesn't even want a day off during summer vacation because he can't handle the girls, he'd rather sweat his ass off at his job than deal with it. I reminded him that his daughter is no angel sometimes either, he says she gets it from being around the older 2...I think she gets some of that, but I think she also has her daddy's temper!

*Speaking of the girls... As we all know, I LOVE my McD's cokes. The girls want something when we go there for my coke, so I let them get something from the dollar menu, IF they do a chore I've asked them to do first...because well, if they are always wanting a treat they need to deserve it don'tcha think? Really, they have it so easy here. Jilly has to feed the cats, Kels has to clean the litter boxes. That is pretty much it. When I want them to do something for their McD's treat, I usually have Jilly unload the dishwasher, and Kelsey rinse off the dirty stuff to go into the dishwasher. Not that hard. You'd think it was the end of the world, especially for Jilly...She whines and cries that she can't reach the cupboards that the stuff goes into blah blah blah. Well, whenver Jilly wants something to eat, she has NO PROBLEM getting into those cupboards, she just hops up onto the counter and gets what she wants....but noooo she can't reach it when she is actually supposed to be doing something for her mom. So she's just been taking stuff out of the dishwasher and setting them on the counter for me to put away, what the heck?! The whole purpose is for HER to do it, if I have to put it away she isn't earning crap. If she only does 1/2 her job, should I only tell her she can get a 1/2 an order of fries or apple dippers at McD's? Kels didn't do her job to well yesterday either, she forgot to rinse many things, she should only get 1/2 a sweet tea!

*Its been really HOT & HUMID out here the last few days. Not sure what today got to but it was supposed to be 90ish with a heat index taking it over 100. It sure felt like it got there. Its to miserable to play outside with the kids. I wish we had a pool. We don't even have Bree's little pool anymore since it has a hole somewhere that I have yet to find, but it won't stay inflated. Its soooo hot I have been thinking of my brother's favorite saying today, "It's hotter than a whore with coupons" .

*If you haven't given any questions yet, please consider doing so...I'm doing a Q & A of Renee, and calling it Request a Ramble. So give me a question, something to ramble about...

*Kelsey informed me the other day some lovely news. Apparently she needs a special calculator for a class at school. Not just your every day calculator that costs $10 or so at Wallyworld...she needs a SPECIAL one, that costs $100 freaking dollars!! Are you kidding me? Does the school think I'm made of money?? Where am I going to get $100 for a calculator? Sure, we won't eat for a week, so we can buy a dumb calculator. Gimme a break. Stupid, STUPID I tell you! Remember when school supplies consisted of crayons, paper, glue, scissors and pencils?? Those people were the good old days... Now you have to pay an arm and a leg for your child to get registered for school, then you have to spend another arm and a leg for supplies, including dumb $100 calculators. Ya know, they should get these, and charge a small rental fee, and keep them at the damn school. THAT would be so much more feasible...

*The cats & dog have fleas, again. We've treated them at home with stuff, sprays, powders, and the goo you put on back of their necks and it soaks in...but none of that stuff seems to be doing squat. Argh.

*Jilly is eating us out of house & home. The child is a twig, but she eats constantly. Tonight, she had a full dinner, cereal, popsicles, fruit, and some other stuff that I can't remember. This goes on alllllll day! Some day she is going to be fat like me and regret pigging out...just wait. I keep warning her. Thankfully some of the stuff she pigs out on is fruit, but a lot isn't. How many days till school starts??

*Bree has been funny lately. Last night, she came running out of the bathroom all excited. "LOOK MOMMY! My boobies are getting bigger!" haha not sure why she noticed, they are not getting bigger...
Here are some other funny things she has done or said the last few days:
**She likes to put her hands on her hips, and shake her butt side to side as she says each word, "OH. MY. GOSH!" Gosh sounds more like goooosh.

**Bree loves listening to music with Kelsey. Kelsey has the Dirty Rich Lady Gaga song, Bree likes it.
The girls sing: Bang bang bang
Bree sings: bang bang bang
The girls sing: You're beautiful
Bree sings: And dirty rich!

Its really cute how they sing together!

**Bree says there is a lion living in our basement. The lion scratched her and said "ROAR" apparently. She talked about this lion for a good 10 minutes on our way to the store the other day. She says the lion eats cars and stop signs and then pukes them up LOL.

**Tonight while she was in the bathtub with her doll she says to me:
Watch my baby and be good to her. Don't die her. Don't shoot her, uh uh uh, that would be very very dangerous...she'd have to go to the hospitabel and they'd have to cut her open. Just hold her and be good to my honey pie.
She is such a silly imaginative child....

There ya go, I posted a post. Happy now? LOL. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something more exciting to blog about...but don't get your hopes up, my life doesn't have to much excitement in it at the moment.

QOTD: What has pissed you off today? What has made you happy today?



Dazee Dreamer said...

Well, I for one and glad that you posted. Kudo's to the person that shamed you into doing it.

omg, that girl of yours cracks me up. don't die her. hahahahaha

you should video the girls singing that song. It would be really cute to see.

ok, here's an idea, go to Wallyworld, and yell the minute you get in the door, RENEE IS HERE!!!!! That could be exciting. :)

Anonymous said...

what has me po'd is that I only slept 3 hours last night and am exhausted. What makes me happy today is after today I'm on vacation!!!

Renee, those girls need several more jobs to do each week. And complaining should cancel out the treats!

How many weeks til school starts?

Mindi said...

K our girls are SO MUCH ALIKE!! My girls LOVE that Lady Gaga fact, Sugar had to listen to it before her first day of school today!!! Don't you hate the fighting...that was the only reason why I was happy they went back to school today-no more fights during the day!

Hum, I'm pissed off at all the paperwork I had to fill out for the school today-took too much time! Happy that Sugar had a good day, I was worried about her at her new school all day long!!