Monday, July 26, 2010

Lady Gaga? Or Lady Pasta?

I've mentioned before that my girls are Lady Gaga fans. I like her music as well, although I find some of her video's totally bizarre! For instance the Alejandro video...I saw it and thought to myself, wth is this woman smokin? She is one strange (but talented) woman.

Have you heard of Lady Pasta? How about the Annoying Orange? I know you've heard of that, if you read my blog. Bree LOVES the Annoying Orange. My mom sent me a link to view it once a while back and Bree bacame a big fan. So now, I am following the Annoying Orange on Facebook, and when they do the new weekly videos I know about it right away and we watch it together. This last weeks video was about "Lady Pasta". Its kinda funny (in an annoying orange kinda way). All the girls really enjoyed this video, and Bree pretends to be Lady Pasta & Jilly pretends to be the annoying orange. THAT I should get on video sometime...

Check this out:

Funny no? In an annoying kind of way..

QOTD: Are you a Lady Gaga fan?



Anonymous said...
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Dazee Dreamer said...

omg, I thought that was actually pretty funny. In fact, my cousin is a huge Lady Gaga fan, so I'm going to send it to her.

I like to listen to Lady Gaga sing, but don't like to "watch" her sing. Does that mean I'm kind of weird?

Amanda said...

I am not a fan, but then again, I have only ever heard one of her songs EVER. SO I really cant judge!



Mindi said...

This is freaking awesome!! I will need to show my girls once Sugar gets home from school. We all are lady gaga fans-I have her CD's in my car right now. AND I'm going to her concert in March! I can't wait, I have my ticket in my underwear drawer=hahah! Totally agree the Alejandro video is weird. Madonna like. I guess her swallowing the beads at the end means she chose to be a good girl? I don't know! :) BUT I think Telephone is my fav video of all time-seriously-so funny! Not to mention I'm a huge Beyonce fan as well!