Friday, July 30, 2010

It's a cloudy 'Sunshine Day'

TGIF! I'll do a 5 Question Friday post later, probably...Just wanted to do a quickie post now.

For some reason, I have a Brady Bunch song stuck in my head today. Anyone remember this one?

Next I had to listen to this one...

We listened one time, and Bree is now singing this one! She danced while watching it too, in her NEW dress.

Getting Bree dressed lately has been interesting. She wants to wear dresses so she can dance. If I put shorts and a top on her she gets mad, and says she is a princess, and a princess cannot dance in shorts, she needs a dress on! Well la de da Miss Bree! If we had a bunch of dresses it wouldn't be a problem, but we have 2. Her favorite pink one, and one that is purple plaid, but it has an elasticy type top part, like an old fashion halter (remember those?) and she says it bugs her, so she won't wear that one. She wanted to wear her pink dress every day, and would get mad when I told her it had to be washed! I told her father of this dilema, and asked him to watch out at Walmart for some cheap dresses. When she woke up this morning there was a bag on the table for her from daddy...with 2 new dresses in it! She was so happy and had to wear one right away, and she could finally dance. All day she has been changing back and forth between the 2 dresses, she is a happy dancing princess. If only she'd be a napping princess....wishful thinking on my part. Here is a picture of her dancing while watching the Brady Bunch video:


QOTD: Do you eat leftovers?



Dazee Dreamer said...

so cute. I love it.

maybe it will make it so she won't poop her pants. hey, a girl can hope, right.

Mindi said...

Awh, the Brady Bunch! I love Youtube=finding all the old shows and such on there!!

Bree is a cutie=a princess loving her dresses!

ANSWER: YES! We live for left overs at our house. I usually like to make a good dinner then we have it as lunch the next day. :)