Thursday, July 1, 2010

My feet hurt!

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)! I've been busy all day pretty much today. I'm beat! My feet hurt! Calgon take me away!

This morning the girls & I went to the park. They all had a good time. Bree wasn't to keen on the porta potty type potty there. She thought she was going to fall in, and wow did it stink in there! She ended up holding it till we got home, which is a good thing for her, we are still working on that part of potty training.

While at the park, I looked at my shoulder to find a big bug sitting there! If I would have flicked it off I'd have to flick it in its face and that creeped me out. So, I asked Kelsey to get it off me, and to not let it jump towards my face when she did it. She is so mean, she got it and stuck it in my face!! I screamed like a little girl. She was so proud of herself. I had to go change my pants after that (kidding, I didn't wet or soil myself, but darn near!) I do NOT like bugs!

This afternoon brought WORK. I mowed the yard, and worked up a sweat. I had Kelsey watch Bree while I did it. Jilly & Kelsey both did a few small jobs too. Then I got the garage cleaned to make room for my van again. Maybe if I park it in there now it will not get quite so hot in there.

After dinner and a bath for Bree, we ended up taking another trip to the store because I was out of baking soda, which I needed to make cookies. When we got back home it was time to mix & bake cookies. Its now 11:30 and we just got done baking the last pan (Thanks for helping Kelsey!). I'm chowing on a bowl of chocolate marshmallow ice cream (NOT ROCKY ROAD), choc. marshmallow has been a favorite of mine since childhood, I can't find it to many places now a days. Its soooooo good.

Tomorrow will be busy as well. I need to decorate all these cookies! I also have to drop Jilly off at Grandma's and Kelsey off at her dads. They will be staying at those places until Sunday around noonish. I'd like to find some time to get a few more things done tomorrow like trimming out bushes that are so overgrown and ugly, and spraying down the front of the house to get rid of spider webs and bird crap, but I don't know if I'll get to that stuff or not.

I can't believe I'm up this late tonight after my horrible last night. I went to bed around 10ish, and watched some TV. I shouldn't have done that, because I was tired, but I got into a show and watched it anyways. Then, just as I can barely keep my eyes open any longer, it starts...the neighbors dogs start barking, and barking, and BARKING so loudly, and for so long. After an hour I was on the verge of calling the cops on him. Hottie or not, his dogs were being loud and I was tired! Plus all the barking to our dog Moo whiny and wanting to go out. I took her out 3 times during that hour. Finally the last outting at midnight the hottie neighbor came home and shut up his dogs. I think he probably got some complaints and was tracked down (his dad is a cop). Figures, after all that I can't sleep. 1 a.m. rolled around, then 2...finally sleep, but guess what, Bree is up and wants me to lay with her in her bed. I get her to sleep I think, head to bed, get comfy and she starts crying for me again. UGH. Finally bedtime for me, I was so tired. She had a few more wakes ups, but they were brief. I hate nights like that!

Aww crap, I just remembered I need to start the dishwasher and a load of laundry. I guess I better get my butt away from here and do that, then hit the sack!

Before I go, let me show you my cool toes :) Kelsey painted them like a flag for me for the 4th of July week. I jazzed up the pics with sticker things to try to cover some of my ugly toes hehe.

Cool right? I know you are jealous, admit it :P

QOTD: Do you paint your nails to be festive for holidays?



Dazee Dreamer said...

Love the toes!!!! You are rockin um.

And you made me really tired with your busy day.

I hate the porta potty things too. I'm weird about restrooms. oh wait, I'm just weird.

Elliottsmama said...

I have no nails :(

Mindi said...

SOOOOO cute!!! I was going to do that for my girls but the 'red' I bought at Walmart ended up being more orange! I was so made! The lighting in the store totally threw me off. O-well, at least in Utah we have the 24th to celebrate so I guess we can still do it!