Monday, July 19, 2010

Pass the toothpicks

Pass the toothpicks, I need them to hold my eyelids open. I'm super tired today, had a rough night. My darling daughter had a late nap yesterday (BIG MISTAKE), then ended up staying awake until 1:45 a.m.. After getting her to bed I realized my husband didn't take the trash out, so at 2:00 a.m. I'm dragging the can to the curb, thank goodness for wheels which make it somewhat quiet so I didn't wake the neighbors. I tossed the dog out for a quick pee then went to bed. Not 10 minutes later the dog had to go out again...and again, and again! This went on until 3:30 a.m. finally I get to sleep, and the damn phone rings at 5:20 a.m. ugh. It took a bit to go back to sleep after that but I did...until Bill came home in between jobs. I heard him change his clothes, and slam the garage door to let the dog out, and I heard him leave. By then I said screw it and got up, I had crap I needed to do anyways. Its just so frustrating when I'm so tired and either I can't sleep or someone or thing keeps me from sleeping. It makes me cranky.

The girls & I made a trip to Wallyworld today for a few things I needed to make some cakes. Tomorrow is my parents anniversary and my mom asked me to make a banana cake for her. I've never made one before, so I had to search online for a recipe. I found one that had 808 reviews to it. Nearly all of them gave it 5 stars, and everyone said it was THE BEST banana cake they ever I decided to give it a try. I made one for my parents, and one for here, because by golly I wanna taste it too :) I had a piece tonight, its good. I don't know that its 5 star worthy or worthy of the title of THE BEST, but its pretty good. I hope mom & dad like it tomorrow. I picked up a cake carrier today for their cake too, since Wally didn't have any cake boxes left for sale...heck they didn't have half the stuff I needed for cake supplies, shame on them...So I get the cake into the carrier and I was going to put it in the fridge downstairs...The lid just sat there, it didn't click on or anything, I'm like, what the heck? I thought the lid would be more secure than what it was. Come to find out it should be, the one I got was missing a latch thing, ugh. So now I have no carrier, I begged Bill to take it with him to work tonight to exchange it for me. He took it...I just hope he remembers to exchange it so I have something to transport my cake in tomorrow.

I also picked up supplies for another cake I need to do this week. My daughters former 1st grade teacher (who is my facebook friend) asked me to make a margarita themed 1/4 sheet cake for pick up on Wednesday. This afternoon I got a text from her asking if its ok to do a 1/2 sheet now instead. Sure! Why not?! :) Just need to make another quick store trip for more supplies...

Last night I had the gnarly task of cleaning up barf. Bree decided to barf on MY bed while laying with Jilly in there. Of course it was on my side of the bed...It wasn't a barf overload, but enough to require sheet changes, and our electric blanket will need to be washed. She seemed fine before & after said barf incident...and she was fine till her barf incident today not to long after lunch...this time thankfully it was another small one, and it was done on the kitchen floor, much easier to clean up. I remember when I was younger, I thought NO FREAKIN WAY could I ever clean anyone elses barf up...then I became a parent. Its amazing the things you make yourself do for your children.

Kelsey was going to have some friends over tonight. Unfortunately for her things didn't work out that way. A few of the friends never bothered to get back to her with a for sure answer, and one was busy...well she had to clean tomorrow and her mom didn't want her staying up late and crabby to clean. Poohy. Kels was quite bummed. I told her she can try again another night. The plan was to sleep in the tent too, and at the time the weather was supposed to be great, but as of this morning that changed and rain storms, even severe ones were being forecasted for I'm kind of glad things got cancelled. I didn't want them out in nasty weather and I really didn't want them in the house, after my crappy sleep night last night.

Bree is watching The Upside Down Show...this show is odd...the dudes are hyper as heck, and quite annoying. I wonder if I can talk her into watching something else... She had a nap today that lasted quite a while so I'm sure she is going to be up a bit more yet...lucky me.

As you know, I've been working hard growing out my hair right? The last few days I've straightened it for a different look. Kelsey is having fun petting my head now, she says my hair is so soft hehe. Crazy kid. It IS really soft though...wanna feel? Anyways, Zach is staying here tonight and he just informed me that I need to quit growing out my hair, long hair doesn't suit me he says and wants me to put it back to how I had it... Not sure my husband feels the same way...

Yawn. I'm tired. I'm sure I'm probably boring the crap out of you too, just rambling on and on about boring stuff...

QOTD: How much would you pay for a 1/2 sheet sized (serves 30-40 people) decorated cake?



Dazee Dreamer said...

I would pay 25 bucks for a 1/2 sheet cake. Especially if it was a homemade one from miss Renee.

I've seen the upside down show. it is whacked. yes I've seen all of them. can even sing some of the theme songs. crazy huh.

Anonymous said...
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Mindi said...

OMG-Ava watched the Upside Down Show the other day and I about died! Those guys are hyper!!

So sorry Bree was sick-poor thing! I always hate the Summer sicknesses-it should only be Winter when you get sick!!