Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Creepy or Cool?

Happy Wednesday.

I found a blog today that I spent way to much time viewing this evening. It had some super cool and bizarre things. Things that made me go hmmmm. LOL.

There was a video posted on there that I watched that was rather amusing, in a very odd way.

There are 3 ladies singing a weird song, but about a minute into this video it gets interesting, sorta. See for yourself.

I can do that stuff. Really. LOL yeah right. I wish. I bet Bill wishes too... ;)

What did you think? Is that creepy, or cool?

QOTD: Can you do the splits?



Dazee Dreamer said...

scary, creepy, and gross in so many ways.

and can I do the splits. no way Jose.

Mindi said...

WOW! Are they seriously sisters? Because obviously it's in their genes! :) And I'm sure they make a killer potato salad too! :) What man wouldn't wish for a flexible partner like that?!

No. I can't do the splits, always wished I could-Sugar practices every night for dance. She got my genes. :)

You have searched me, and you know me! said...

YIKES! is all I have to say, I must share!

Renee said...

Where the video is set, it makes it look like its going to be kinda naughty doesn't it?

I could do the splits when I was younger...only splits I can do now is the splitting of my pants LOL.