Saturday, July 3, 2010

Show Me Saturday! Household chores

Happy Saturday everyone, and happy 4th of July weekend! I hope everyone has a safe and funfilled weekend/holiday.

Today's Show Me Saturday theme is Household Chores...your least favorite. Take a picture, show me.

If you would like to participate in Show Me Saturday just follow these few simple rules:
1. Blog about the topic with pics, after all its SHOW ME Saturday.
2. In your blog post, please include my Renee's Ramblings button and link back to me (you can grab my button over on the side, just highlight the code, hit control & C to copy, then paste into your blog post. Easy.
3. Come back here and add your URL to the linky below.

My least favorite household chore is probably laundry. All chores are my least favorite, but since I have to pick one laundry is it. It never ends, there is always so much of it, and you not only have to wash it, but you have to dry it, and fold it, and put it away! I'm not a fan. Plus there is the lugging it up and down the stairs to the basement where the laundry is...and this time of year there are earwigs downstairs that like to hide in laundry baskets, EEK. I really wish I had a laundry fairy that would come in and do the laundry for me at night while I sleep. Quit laughing at me, a girl can dream right?


I can't wait to see what your least favorite household chore is. Don't forget to link up below. Have a great weekend.



Dazee Dreamer said...

hahahaha. Freaking loved that picture. hmmmm. I'll have to think about what I hate chores wise.

Mindi said...

hatehatehatehate doing dishes!!!!! And it sucks when I like to cook and bake. I always have a ton! :/

Anonymous said...
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