Monday, January 11, 2010

Bunk Beds!

Since Jilly's dad is moving, we got the bunk beds she had there at his house. This is totally exciting, because it frees up some space in Jilly & Bree's room so I can move some of their toys in there yay! So, now Jilly has the top bed, and Bree the bottom.

Yesterday we picked them up, and put them together. Bill did most of the work, but Bree helped too...
I swear, she asked at least 100 times, "Are they ready yet?"
Finally, yes, they were ready...
Bree & I had to cuddle in her new bed
She loves her new bed, to play in, and hang out in...but sleeping? Not so much. Last night she slept pretty crappy, which means so did I :(

Today, we brought up the toys to put in her room, and get things all organized. I'm almost totally done, I just need to go through some of the gazillion clothes that Jilly brought home from her dads and find a place to keep them. I put some wall sticker things up too. Some are picture frames, that are empty at the moment until I can get more color ink to print pics for them. I also need to get a sheet or bed skirt for the bottom bed to cover that ugly box spring. The mattresses that Jilly's dad gave us were not bunk mattresses, and they were sagging, so we added a box spring to the one, and used our old firmer trundle bed mattress for the top bunk. It will do for now. Bree loves it her room and has played in there almost all day.


After playing all morning, this is how she crashed for her nap...


Thats it for now...Toodles!


Amanda said...

Yeah!! Her room looks like a wonderful place to be... I am sure she will end up loving it and loving sleeping in her bed!


Tammy said...

You did a great job! Their room looks fantastic!