Monday, January 18, 2010

WOW, its been one of those days!

Ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong? Where you can't wait till bedtime, so the day can be done? That is the kind of day I have had here.

It started out with me waking up to shoulder pain, again. I'm getting rather tired of it, it can leave any time now. Sad thing is, later in the day, my other shoulder started hurting too...I hope its just a one time fluke, and not an every day thing like the left one.

When I woke Jilly up, she was complaining of symptoms that mean one thing pretty much...UTI. So she stayed home from school, and we made a doctor appointment, which was at 11:30. We got there, and sat...and sat....and sat...and sat some more. Then we got called into the room, where we sat some more! We were so bored. They don't have magazines or anything in there anymore, because they carry more germs, so there was nothing to do. I had Jilly count the dogs on the wall paper, and divide it by 2. Then she counted the ceiling tiles, and more things on the wallpaper, and I had her divide those too. I figured we might as well get some math work in while waiting LOL. We finally got out of there at 1:15! That place is so slow all the damn time.

So, we went to CVS, I had Jilly run the prescription in, and to see how long of a wait it was going to be. I waited out in the van with Bree who was sleeping. They said it was going to be 20 minutes or more, so I said screw it, we'll come back later for it, I needed to get home to pee. So off we went...

There is an intersection here in town near a viaduct. There is a little bridge right before it, then a yield sign. As we got near the bridge, the pick up truck in front of me stopped. I'm like umm what the heck? He had several feet to go yet before the yield sign. Just then, he reverses it, and gives it gas! Ummm HELLO! I'm behind you! Before I could even honk the horn, he crashed into me. Just what I needed, ugh. It shook me up, I've never been in an accident before, especially one with 2 of my kids in the car. We got out and talked for a second, then moved over to the other side of the road where we wouldn't be blocking traffic. We called the police, and got each others information. The dude was an old guy. He was looking for an address/street, thought he missed it and reversed, he said he didn't see me. He will be getting a citation. Tomorrow I have to go pick up the police report. None of us are hurt, thankfully. I'm a little achy from being jarred, but nothing serious. Here is a picture of my van. I blocked out part of the plates, for safety reasons...


So, we finally get home, and try to make a quick lunch. Bree wanted grilled cheese, Jilly wanted tomato soup. I made Bree's first, since Jilly had snacked all morning it wouldn't kill her to wait a few minutes. Then I started Jilly's soup. Then, she went to watch TV, and I went out to take pics of the van...and we forgot her soup! Next thing I know, I'm smelling something...Crap! It's the soup burning. It boiled out over the pan too, spilling all over the burner and the burner thing underneath. Oh goody. I let it cool, and I said I'd clean it later...yet I have yet to do so...

Then, Jilly went into the kitchen for something, and she knocked over the toothpick holder thing, so there are toothpicks all over the stove now too, and down in the burners...I'll clean that up when I clean up the soup mess.

Later, Kelsey is in her room cleaning (she's been working on it for 2 days now...she must be ill) she had a framed picture thing on the floor, and she stepped on it, and broke the glass. Thankfully she didn't get cut.

Just a few minutes ago, again while Kels is cleaning her room...she was cleaning her closet, and she got off the chair she was on to toss a stuffed animal out the door to Bree, when she went to get back on the chair she slipped and fell, smashing her leg between the chair things and I think her desk or something...couldn't quite make it out, she was crying at the time. Now her leg is bruised up.

I think for the remainder of the evening, we are going to wrap up in bubble wrap, and sit in the center of the room, where no danger can get us. LOL.

*Edited to add...I made cookies before Jilly's doctor appt. today. I was going to decorate them and give them to Bria when I picked up the child support check. But after being at the docs for so long, then the accident, the picking up Kels & Jackie (Jilly's friend) from school, and everything else, I never got around to finishing them. So, even though my intentions were good, I wasn't able to deliver the cookies to brighten her day.

How was YOUR day?



Tammy said...

That is definitely one heck of a day. I hope that what little is left of the evening is uneventful for you. You need a break!

Amanda said...

:( Im sorry it wasnt an easy day. Be blessed friend.


Danielle said...

Wow! What a crappy day, huh!? I hope tomorrow is better for you hun. Look on the bright side, at least your van didn't get too messed up! Get some rest, Renee. Hoping tomorrow is better for you.