Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Finally, several days late, FRF's finally sent the child support to the SDU, and finally into my bank account! For some reason they screwed things up again, making it very late. This is the second time in 3 months this has happened. Of course it happens at the worst times, when money around here is ummm non existent! I'm relieved it finally showed up. I wonder why now this is happening after about 10 years of NO trouble getting it on time. Maybe there is a new girl doing it or something...but they better get their act together, people depend on that money.

I was able to go pick up some groceries today. Not everything we need, but enough to get us by for a while. Later when I pick up the girls I'll be filling up my gas tank, it will be nice to have it FULL instead of hoovering around 1/4-1/8th of a tank.

Does anyone want a dog and 2 cats? I'm getting tired of middle of the night pee trips with the dog (I get enough wakings from Bree!). This morning I woke up to cat crap on the hallway carpet, and also a small spot on the bathroom (which is carpet btw). Then I came out to the living room to cuddle with Bree this morning, and there was cat puke all over the living room carpet. GROSS. I made Bill clean that up :)

Yesterday, Jilly brought home her recorder from school (BOO). They were supposed to arrive last week, but got delayed (YAY!) So, if anyone has some spare earplugs around, send some my way! Last night, Kels was trying to teach Jilly how to play, because Kelsey things she is an expert apparently...that didn't go well. It only resulted in Kelsey being bossy and Jilly getting frustrated and telling Kelsey basically where she could stick the recorder haha.

Next week Bill & I will celebrate our 3 yr anniversary. It seems like we've been married a lot longer then that. Hard to believe I married him after he did something mean to me. He had shoulder surgery in Jan. before we married... a day or so after surgery, he asked me to help him take a bath, since he couldn't shower because it would get his bandaged area wet. I agreed of course, being the good soon to be wife... So, I'm cleaning him, he gets up and I had to clean his I washed his butt crack he freaking FARTED!! Not just a itty bitty one, but a big loud ass blow my hair back fart. DISGUSTING. I slapped his ass and said a few choice words to him. He is lucky I loved him so much or I'd be outta there! LOL I did marry him, and he still farts...but there is a little more distance between us when he does. Thank God.

Anyways, thats all I have to chat about at the moment. Time to change a poopy diaper and start cleaning. Fun fun! Toodles!


Danielle said...

LMAO at Bill farting in your face!!! Honestly, that sounds like something Thomas would do to me!! I know it wasn't funny at the time, but just that way that you described it was freaking hilarious!

Anyway, I'm glad you got some money and doesn't it always work like that... your money gets screwed up somehow right when you need it the most.

Happy early anniversary to you and Bill.

Kelsey's a teenager she's an expert at everything... DUH!!! lol Don't you know that teens know EVERYTHING! *rolls eyes*

大陸 said...
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Tammy said...

All men fart and they fart loud. I think there is something in their genetic make-up that prevents them from letting out silent ones. My hubby is bad about it too.

BTW, I totally know what you went through with the whole cleaning certain unpleasant areas because of a surgery. When Ryan had knee surgery, he couldn't wipe or clean those areas either. NOT.PLEASANT! They should feel lucky that we love them enough to do that.