Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are you kidding me?

I have 1 credit card in my name, its to my favorite fat lady clothing store, (In case you didn't notice, I'm fat.). I got to my spending limit last year, and I've been trying to get the darn thing paid off. Unfortunatly I am only able to make the minimum payments on it, and with interest, I'm getting NO WHERE. It's super frustrating.

I have been receiveing eStatements from this company via email, and then I'd go to the site and pay online. Easy Peasy. Yesterday early afternoon, I got an email saying they switched banks that take care of all this, and I'm to go register there and start paying through them. Ok. They sent this to me yesterday, but they took over a few days before on the 24th...they should have sent something prior to that. Anyways, I go there and register, pain. in. the. ass., and then click the 'pay online' part. This takes me to the 'Terms of Use agreement' to read, and then accept or not. Normally, I don't usually read these much (my bad). I do a quick skim through and hit accept...but I didn't do that yesterday. I came across a part in the terms of use agreement that said, "FEES" *gulp*, this was going to be bad news, I just knew it. Sure enough it was bad news, crazy, insane, stupid, are you freaking kidding me news. Apparently, to pay online, there is a fee, every time, of $15!! Yes, $15! Are they insane? They expect me to pay $15 to pay my minimum $15 charge payment? So I'd be paying $30?! Talk about robbery. No. Way. In. Hell. will I be paying online now.

So now, either today or tomorrow, I need to drive out to the store and make a payment there, since its due tomorrow. If they had notified me of this change earlier I could have taken care of it yesterday morning while I was just 2 stores away from the store I need to pay at. I'm so annoyed. I think when I'm there I'm going to tell them where to stick their new fees, and discontinue using my FB card permanently. :(

Till later...Toodles


Mindi said...

Geez! I totally feel you on this subject right now! I'm dealing with our insurance comapany that won't pay a claim because they think we have other coverage! WTF??? So tired of it all! Money!!

Tammy said...

Yeah that is completely ridiculous! I can't believe they are making you pay $15 for something that gets them their money faster and without having to pay someone to process it like they'd have to do with mailing in a check. Stupid!

Danielle said...

WOW!!! That's freakin crazy!! This is exactly why I don't have any credit cards!