Monday, January 4, 2010

Super Model Girl!

Remember that song? Who sang it, wasn't it RuPaul? LOL I've been singing it today.

As I mentioned yesterday I believe, Jilly brought home a bunch of stuff from her dads house. One of the things was a HUGE bag of clothing, when I say huge, I mean those big enormous black lawn bags...and it was filled to the very top. Its all her clothing, and some of her old stuff that no longer fits, they thought maybe Bree could use some of it later...and its one less thing they have to move to Norway with them. Jilly has been dressing up Bree in many different things today. Some of the things Bree would let me take her picture in, but most she would not. Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure:


Later today, Jilly had her dressed up in a skirt thing and a halter top, that used to belong to a girl sized barbie type doll. Then Bree did a little something, to beautify herself...which I will show you. Excuse the quality of the photo, I had to crop it quite a bit, because her halter slide down and you could see her little girly parts...I didn't want some perv viewing her goods. Unfortunately, you don't get to see the full effect of her beautification, it went all down her arm too. Just imagine it...

Thats it for now...I hope you enjoyed the pics. :) Toodles!


Tammy said...

HAHA, Bree is so awesome! What a little model you have there. She is a DIVA in the making.

Oh my what a mess with that lip gloss. Definitely no fun cleaning up.

Mindi said...

hhaha!@ I had to crop a pic of Ava the other day because her naked (well he was in his underwear) brother was in the background! She is adorable!! I love that dress she is wearing, for sure a super model!