Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't even think about it!

I belong to a forum (a few actually, but I'm talking about only one right now). It contains mostly women, and most of them blog. Anyways, the latest talk on that forum is about a certain woman, who has a blog, and on that blog are bunches of pictures that she has taken off other peoples blogs. Pictures of their children. That is just so wrong. It appears she claims they are pictures of HER children. She obviously needs some professional help...

I don't believe she comes here. I hope she doesn't. But, for safety, I think I'm going to put a watermark type of thing on my pictures from now on. So if you happen to see my pictures on another site, pictures with a watermark saying who the photos belong to, PLEASE come here and let me know. I hope it doesn't come down to me having to stop posting pictures of my kids...because I love to share photos with my friends & family. But if I ever see my pictures on this crazy lady's blog, you can bet your sweet booty I'll be removing pics here.

Here are a few pictures to share with you tonight. The first is my silly daughter wearing her undies on her head haha. The next are of her dressed as "Princess Aubrey", Jilly dresses her up then announces her arrival and Miss Bree poses. Crazy girls.

I hope you enjoyed those. Crazy blog lady, if you happen to see these, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT taking them!

Thats it for tonight, I'm sleepy and I'm hoping to hit the sack here shortly. Toodles!


Kami said...

I wanna know who this crazy lady is and what blog site...

Tammy said...

Yikes! That is scary! I've been tempted to add watermarks to Paige's photos for similar reasons. I had a similar problem but on a larger scale with Orkut. People were taking photos of Paige from Flickr and adding them to their Orkut pages and saying she was their child. It was terrifying and was a lot of work to get those people banned.

I'm so sorry that you have been exposed to the same thing from this woman.

Renee said...

I'm just glad I heard about this I can be on the lookout.

Mindi said...

NOOOOOO WAAAAAY!!! Do you know the address? I need to check this out! What a physco!! Email me on Facebook or whatever now I'm freaking out!