Friday, January 1, 2010

Noooo Nooooo say it isn't soooo!! :(

Bring back 2009. Now that its 2010, McD's has taken the price of their large cokes from $1 to $1.90! :( I'm so sad, sniff sniff. I loved my daily McD's coke. Now its to expensive to go there daily. I'll have to resort to the local gas station with my refillable mug to get a cheap coke...and it just isn't the same. McD's has the BEST coke hands down. Plus, the gas station sucks for not having a drive thru! Now I'll be lugging in my 30lb toddler to get my drink. I'd let her walk, but she'll be grabbing candy and donuts and whatever else she could get into. Hmmm If I can get the girls ready for school 5 minutes earlier, I can have Kelsey run in for my pop...Somehow I don't think they'll cooperate.

I guess, this is probably a sign. A good thing in disguise...Not only will I be saving some $$, but it might also help me shed some extra weight. It still sucks donkey dick though. I love my McD's cokes. I'd give up a meal for one. Getting one was the highlight of my day! Seriously, I love them that much lol. Plus, I have no life.

On to other news...
Did anyone come here and watch the video I put up in yesterdays post? No one comments anymore, that too makes me sad. I guess I need to channel my funnyness again, and see if I can come up with something good to post about, maybe people will want to comment, and follow me etc. I'd love to have a busy blog with lots of friendly readers (who comment, hint hint) :)

How did you spend New Years Eve & Day? I hope you had a blast, whatever you did. It was a lazy night & day here. I'd love to go to bed early tonight, but I have a feeling Bree has other ideas, since she took another late nap today.

That's it for now...Toodles!


Tammy said...

Hey! No fair! I've been crazy busy with family events and haven't been home AND while I didn't comment on your blog, I did comment to you in instant messaging. So there! (sticks tongue out and wags it while making a raspberry sound).

Amanda said...

Cute video!!

We had a pretty boring New Years... not much to report!

Blessings to yoU!

Mindi said...

K so I just barely saw a billboard about the one dollar drinks! I totally missed out!! :(