Friday, January 8, 2010

Thongs? Seriously?

I remember in the olden days, THONGS meant flip flops, shoes, you know ...the kinds that have the flat bottom, with the little strap over the top of your foot with the thing that goes between your big & second toe. The shoes that smack your foot as you walk making a lot of noise, which was sometimes annoying, but when you are young, its kind of cool.

Now-a-days, THONGS, mean something totally different. Its a tiny piece of fabric with a string of some kind attached. The fabric part covers your cooter (yay right) and the string goes up your ass crack. Seriously? Maybe I'm just old, or just fat...or a combo of the two, but that does not sound pleasant at all. Its like butt floss. I guess everyone wears them now, big or little framed booties even. Totally not my cup of tea. I can't see paying for a tiny thing like that, only to get a wedgie for the day.

What is the point of a thong anyways? To make you feel sexy? How can something in your crack make you feel that way?? I'd be constantly trying to undo it. To make you have no panty lines? I know a much easier way, go COMMANDO! Easy, and no butt pickin' required from your thong. Maybe I'm old fashioned, old school, just old.

If I wore a thong, it would disappear in my grand canyon crack. I'd probably need a search party to find it. Just thought you'd like that wonderful visual. :)

Hey, isn't there even a "Thong Song" out there somewhere? I kinda remember my teens singing it at one time and I was baffled that someone made a song about buttfloss.

I think its very funny. Yesterday, I did a post about bras. I also had words like booby, tassels, and tit in it....and you should have seen the traffic I got here! Many people apparently googled some naughty stuff with those words, and my blog came up LOL. They visited, and I bet they were pretty disappointed that they didn't get to see any of that kind of stuff. I had more visits from google yesterday, then I have by everyone that reads my blog in a whole month pretty much. I wonder if I'll get some more now that I've mentioned thongs, and butts, etc. Sick people. Hahaha.

Thats all for now friends...Toodles :)


Tammy said...

You are such a nut! However, you haven't said anything I haven't said myself at one point or another.

Danielle said...

Hahaha And yes there is a song called "Thong Song" here's the video.

Not sure if I could embed it so here's the link:

Mindi said...

hahaha! You make me laugh Renee! Total visuals-Grand Canyon? Oh man! The thong song is great! haha!

Anonymous said...

took some getting used to, but I HATE panty lines enough to now love things ;)
I'm usually wearing thongs, both I hate regular shoes as much as panty lines :)