Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thursday & Friday I did a lot of extra cuddling with Jilly, because she was sad. Aubrey was not a fan of this, she does not like to share her mommy. I explained to her that I'm her mom, but I'm also Jilly's mom, and Kelsey & Zach's mom too, so its ok for me to hug and cuddle them too. She let me cuddle with Jilly but she still wasn't pleased...

Then came the questioning...I swear, this weekend, I've heard this question at least a hundred times.
Bree: MOM!
Me: Yes?
Bree: Are you my mommy?
Me: Yes, of course I'm your mommy!
Here is my picture to prove it!

Aubrey 007
That photo is from Aubrey's birth, Dec. 19, 2007

Thats it for now..Toodles

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Amanda said...

Love it!! Be blessed you... let me know if I can pray in any way...