Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm so glad the room stopped spinning

Yesterday starting in the afternoon, I started to feel icky. As the day wore on it got worse. Slightly head-achy and super dizzy. DIZZY, not DITZY :) Bree fell asleep for a late nap, so I ate some dinner hoping it would help, then I went to lay down. I was hoping Bree would sleep through most of the night, but no such luck. She woke up at 7:30, I had only dozed for about 20 minutes. Then she was up until midnight. Fun! Hard to take care of a toddler when the room is spinning. I sat on the couch pretty much with my eyes closed as much as possible, she played and watched TV, and climbed on me. I was so glad when she finally went to sleep. I got her to bed and went to bed myself. I was totally bummed when she woke back up at 4 a.m., it took a bit, but I got her back to bed shortly before 5. Then of course the dog wanted to go out. After that, I got in bed, got comfy, and Bree was up again. Between 5 & 6, I tried to get her back to sleep and in bed several times, she kept waking and crying. Finally around 6, I got her into her bed, she woke up a bit so I laid with her a few till she got into a solid sleep. I finally escaped her room and went to mine. Guess what...dumb dog had to pee again! I think she & Bree work together to keep me awake. I get back to bed around 6:45, and after about 10 minutes I was back to sleep. Then Bill came home. He came in to change clothes, making noise with hangers...oy. I rolled over and covered my head with the pillow and drifted back to sleep, until the phone rang at 8. So I gave up. Bree woke for good shortly after anyways. Is one good nights sleep to much to ask for? Apparently so. Oh well. I'm just glad the room was no longer spinning when I got up. Would have made for a rough day if it was.

Today I didn't do much of anything. I cleaned the living room, twice so far...I'm sure it will need a 3rd soon. I got some laundry going, fun fun. Played with yakky Bree, that is always fun. She makes me laugh.

Once Bill got up, Bree played "tato" with daddy, in other words, play doh. That is their favorite thing to do together I think.

At 3 I picked up Jilly & Kelsey. Bree fell asleep on the way back, so she had another late nap...oy, going to be a long night again. Baths have been given, dinner has been cooked, but not cleaned up yet...I'm hoping the cleaning fairy shows up soon. Kels is in the kitchen now making a snack, saltine cracker candy. I have had it before, a long time ago, and it was good. Not sure how it will be with Kelsey making it :) If its not good, that is a plus, my fat ass doesn't need it anyways...

Bill is off his day job this week. Tomorrow we'll be going to my moms for a bit, he has a mattress to deliver to her, and Bree wants to visit and play. Once we get home, I should move the bunk beds to the other wall in the bedroom, so the girls can see the TV better. I'm hoping to get Mr. Bill to put up the rain gutter shelves we are going to do in there too. Sometime this week, we need to finish Jilly's Valentine Box from hell...oh joy.

Have I mentioned that Bree has been talking A LOT? All day long... She's been talking about the abominable snowman, I'm amazed she can even say that! The other day I asked her if she wanted a graham cracker, she said, "No mommy, I don't want a GRANDMA cracker!" LOL. Today she was saying, "Daddy teaches me naughty words" He doesn't really, well not on purpose.. She has definitely mastered the art of tattle-tailing already too.

Whelp, I've probably bored you plenty already, so I'm outta here for now...Toodles


Danielle said...

Hope you can get some rest soon Renee! If we lived closer I would come watch Bree and clean as long as you needed! Do you trust Kelsey to watch Bree and Jilly for a couple of hours so you can get some rest? During the weekend so you can still help with homework and stuff during the week. Possibly, since Bill is not working his day job this week while he is off?

Amanda said...

I hope you are 100% ASAP! Sounds like you have a pretty active family there! ;)

Be blessed-

Renee said...

Danielle, If I leave Kels & Jilly alone together, one will not survive. Probably Kelsey lol. The girls fight constantly...and sad thing is, tiny skinny Jilly can kick almost 16 yr old Kelsey's butt.
Bill doesn't watch Bree much at all...they might play play doh for 20 min or so, but thats about it, then she seeks me out.
Last night wasn't to bad. Bree went to bed at 11 (to late) but slept till 5, might have slept longer if she hadn't fallen out of bed...bed rail didn't work to well, she apparently pushed the one end out.

Danielle said...

Oh yea, I forgot about Kels and Jilly always fighting. Bill sucks! At least Thomas will watch Tom-Tom long enough for me to nap!