Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jilly's home!

Jilly has returned from her few weeks at her dads. She was here Christmas Eve night and half of Christmas Day, but other then that she's been at her dads since Dec. 22.. Things are already back to normal, she's eating us out of house and home! I swear, I don't know where she puts the food! I hope she is lucky enough to always be tiny and not end up a fat hefer like her mother.

Bree was so very excited upon Jilly's return home. She's been playing with her all evening. Jilly brought home a gazillion stuffed animals and other toys from her dads, which has Bree in 7th heaven. Not me though, where in the hell am I going to put all these stuffed animals? Right now, they are covering my living room floor, I have to wade through them.

My darling Bree has taken some late naps the last 3 or so days, and the last 3 or so days I'm so very exhausted and needing to go to sleep and she is still going strong....Like NOW. Its 11:20 at night for Gods sake GO TO SLEEP! I can barely keep my eyes open. Yawn.

Its CHILLY out. Once little Miss Bree goes to sleep I need to take stupid dog out to pee, and freeze our rears off. I can't freakin wait. So help me God, if she stands around out there eating turdsicles while I'm waiting on her freezing my butt off, I'll go postal on her!

Thats it for now, I'm going to go plead with Bree to shut her eyes...Toodles!

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Mindi said...

Glad she's home! Lauren is the same way with eating all the food-I have no idea where it goes!