Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jilly & her dad

As I mentioned in a post last month, Jilly's dad is moving to Norway. Jilly is not. He leaves this week on the 14th. Today was her last day with her dad. From now on, most of their conversations and visits will be done online, via yahoo messenger, and a webcam. Not sure when she'll see him in person again. There is a chance he might come in June, so he can help his wife pack up the rest of their belongings and help her get to Norway with his step kids. If he doesn't come then, who knows when she'll get to see him. I'm very sad for her. Every little girl should have their dad close, even if their parents are not together anymore. Please keep Jilly in your thoughts, she is going to miss her dad.

Here are a few pictures of them together. The first is from last winter, when he came to take her to the daddy daughter dance here in our town. The next 2 pics are from December when he came to see her school program, they were taken afterwards in the school hallway.

(tomorrow I'll post about bunkbeds! that is how we spent today, putting them up)


Tammy said...

Poor Jilly. She's really going to miss her dad.

Mindi said...

Jilly is so beautiful! I will pray for her-and I'm not even the praying type so that's how much it breaks my heart! Thank god for technology!