Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 yr old Teenager

Ahhh isn't it nice when older siblings teach the younger ones things? Why yes it is, if its a good thing they are teaching... Unfortunatly, my older girls have taught Bree a total teenager saying... I asked her something earlier while giving her a bath, I don't even remember what it is now because of her shocking (but kinda funny) answer...She said, "WhatEVER!" Oh boy, she's going to be a rebel I have a feeling. Haha

In other homefront news... We haven't been able to do some real grocery shopping for a while due to money issues, so we've been using up what we have in the pantry, and getting important things like milk, diapers, bread etc as needed. I've been keeping a running grocery list of things we need, so its ready when we are able. Holy cow, the list would probably be easier if I made a list of what we do NOT need since we are out of like everything! LOL To bad most of the things are going to have to wait a few more weeks, other things have come up that will be taking up the money in the next few weeks. I think we better start enjoying Ramen noodles, Mac & Cheese, and PB&J's :)

Its almost a month now since Kelsey lost her class ring, and still no sign of it. Grrr. This makes me very angry.

My darling 9 yr old came home today with a homework assignment, a pain in the rear one, that is going to be time consuming. So I told her she should get started, she said, "But it isn't due until the 7th!" Well guess what sugarpie, that is only 2 days away! I told her to get working on it so we aren't rushing at the last minute. Guess what...she forgot her book at school. Grrrr. So now she has to do it all tomorrow so its going to be a long stressful night of homework hell. Anyone wanna come enjoy the experience with me?

I got some stuff done around the house today that needed to be done yay me! The girls room (Jilly & Bree's) was so messy with all the Christmas stuff and the stuff Jilly brought home from her dads, you could barely walk through there (like my living room!). Jilly's bed was full of stuff too, since she's been sleeping with me since she got back. When Bill works nights, Jilly likes to sleep in my bed and kick me in the side and head throught the night. She's lucky I love her enough to put up with it haha. Anyways, I got the room presentable, I took a bunch of stuff down to the basement for now. It all needs to be out of the way anyways for when the bunkbeds get here (have I mentioned how excited I am about getting those?!) Once the beds are up, I'll start going through toys and putting stuff in the room again. I also got the living room picked up and vacuumed...which was much over due. Jilly got a Paperoni for Christmas and I had stupid paper pellets all over the living room. It was driving me nuts. Laundry is even caught up, folded and put away, except for the one load that is in the dryer now. That is exciting news for me.

I tried watching a movie this afternoon. I got maybe 1/2 way, and had to turn it off, I couldn't hear a damn word that was being said because my 3 girls are loud mouths. So frustrating! Guess I'll have to watch it when they are not home, or when they are sleeping...or when I duct tape their mouths shut (just kidding...).

Oh, wanna see something kinda cool? Look at these pics...the first is me as a child, the next is Jilly when she was around the same age, and the last is of Bree now...
See any resemblance? :)

I guess I've probably bored you to tears already, so I'll just say...Toodles!


clack_2003 said...

OMGosh you can't hear the TV over 3 people... I can't even here the TV over Tom-Tom most of the time!!lol He HAS to be screaming over the TV at all times!! =D

clack_2003 said...

It's Danielle from the DDC forums, BTW! =P