Friday, February 5, 2010

5 Question Friday

Its FRIDAY! You know what that means? It means I'm going to join in on Mama M.'s 5QF blog hop.

My Little Life

1. What are you most afraid of?

2. Do you use a flat iron or curling iron?

3. Hands-free or phone to the ear?

4. Do you have a matching bedroom set?

5. Do you believe in the paranormal?
1. I'm afraid of Death, and the dentist.
2. I don't use either! I blow dry my hair and use my fingers to style it, easy peasy :)
3. Phone to ear...If I knew how to do it hands free I might...but usually if you do a speaker phone type thing you have to yell to be I don't bother.
4. Yes I do! I never really did before I met Bill. He had purchased a new one a year or so before we met.
5. Yes I do. And I enjoy watching stuff like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventurers. (Don't tell my mom, she'd not be happy! She is very Christian and against that type of thing)
Thats all for now...Toodles!


Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tammy said...

I'm impressed that you have a matching set of furniture. We totally don't. Not a single room in our house contains a matching furniture set.

Danielle said...

I'm with Tammy, we don't have a single piece of furniture that matches... I take that back Tom-Tom's bed and little table match... does that count!?

I watch those shows that you mentioned on the last question, but it just doesn't convince me! I never hear or see what they do! lol Maybe it's just me!

Anonymous said...

in case you didn't know, I read your blog...Mom

Renee said...


Elliottsmama said...

My matching set is my bedroom which I bought and I LOVE. The living room matches although they are seperate pieces.

Tiffany said...

Great blog! I loved reading these things - how fun!
And what is matching furniture??!!