Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Week Day 1

First, I must say, very excitedly....THE VALENTINE VAN SCHOOL PROJECT IS GONE FROM MY HOUSE AND AT SCHOOL! Yay! :) It is what it is, and hopefully its good enough for the teacher. I really really wanna shove it up her...well you know.. I'm so glad its gone, and I don't have to stress over that stupid project any longer. Ok, on to other news...

As you know, I sometimes join in on Mama M.'s Friday blog hop. Well, this week, she has a week long one, all about Valentines/Love, that type of thing. I'm a day late on this one, it should have been posted last night, but I was just to darn tired. I am going to try to do each day of her Valentines Week Extravaganza...hopefully I succeed.


Day 1 is, "Tell me how you met your love or best friend day". Here we go...

I joined Yahoo Personals. I was lonely. Never really got much action on it, of course at the time I was using the free version...maybe thats why? Anyways, I was also on another personal type site too, and I was dating a few dudes here and there, most were LOSERS. A few were nice, but just not right for me. Then one day, I get a msg from someone on yahoo, Bill. He seemed pretty nice from that brief msg I got, so I figured what the hell I'll reply. Of course, since I was using that free version, the only reply I could send was the premade ones they had for me to pick from, bah humbug. So, I ended up joining with the PAID version, just so I could actually type my own response to him. We hit it off and typed back and forth for a few days. We set up our first date to be at the forest preserve near my home. Our date was on Oct. 19, 2006. We met there, and walked around the track there and talked. He held my hand. It was cold, and I didn't have gloves, so he kept switching hands he held to make sure they stayed equally warm. I thought that was pretty sweet. :) Our time was limited for that date because I had to make sure to get home in time for the girls to get out of school. After walking the track, we went to sit in his truck for a few more minutes to warm up before I had to go. When I got to his truck, I found a surprise waiting for me...a dozen pink roses! My favorite! He scored major brownie points for that :) We said our good byes and off we went. I had to leave to go out of town early the next morning so we'd not see eachother again until I got back. While I was gone out of town to my cousins wedding, Bill & I talked on the phone as much as possible. Upon my return home, we wanted to go out again briefly, even though I was super tired from the trip. My mom wasn't in the babysitting mood, so I told him if he wanted to see me, he'd have to see my kids as well. So we met at the local ice cream shop. He met my kids, who were very wild that night...and he still wanted to see me again after that! Whew! LOL I thought for sure my wild kids would have scared him away. After that, we were pretty much together all the times we were not working or sleeping.

Thats my story, and I'm sticking to it! :) How did YOU meet your love or best friend?


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