Saturday, February 6, 2010

A whole lot of nothing

I've got nothing to talk about tonight, well nothing exciting anyways. I spent the day hanging out at home pretty much. We did venture out to the dog grooming place to get Moo's nails trimmed, but that is it! The rest of the day was spent doing a lot of nothing, and a lot of working on Jilly's stupid school project. I will be so glad when that son of a gun is out of my house and not tormenting me. It has turned out ok, but I keep looking at it, and wanting to do more to it to make it be better in her teachers eyes...but I haven't a clue how to do the other stuff to improve it. So, for now, it will have to do, unless I come up with some brillant idea in my sleep tonight. I'd like to figure out how to get it to make noise of some kind. I thought about getting one of those cards, that you can record your own stuff on, then when the person opens it it plays it back...I thought I could rig it up to play when the back door of the Valentine Van is opened or something...but do I really want to spend the money on one of those cards? Not really.. Magnets are another thing that we could use...but how?? Lights...I have one light for it, thanks to Grandma, but I wish I had some lights to use for headlights too.. See, I keep thinking about that damn project!

So, here is what we have. It contains screws, a hinge, wheels (tuna cans)/axles, a latch thingy, and some incline planes, a light, and recycled materials. The van driver is Bree, Jilly didn't want to be it. Here are pictures:

Jilly still needs to add a few more small hearts on the sides I think...but we will see. I just want it done and gone.

Onto better news...Bree has slept all night twice this week yay! Crossing my fingers she does so tonight too. She did go to bed early tonight, she had no nap and just couldn't stay awake any longer, I think it was around 6:30 when she conked out, she was falling asleep at the dinner table.

Sending a thank you to my friend Tammy, she knitted me a scarf and mailed it to me. She lives in Canada, I sure wish she lived closer so we could hang out! She is super nice and awesome, and a wonderful friend. She is awesome at sewing and knitting too, and a bunch of other stuff as well!

Thats it for now. I'm just waiting for Bill to shower, then I'm tossing laundry in and going to bed! I'd do laundry first, but he might not appreciate showering in cold water...there probably isn't much hot left anyways after the dishwasher running.



Tammy said...

Jillybean's van turned out great! Tell her I love it and I think she did a fantastic job with it.

You are welcome for the scarf. We can't have you freezing any longer. You need to stay warm, girl! /hugs You really should buy a jacket. :P

Danielle said...

I think Jilly's van looks AWESOME!!!! :D I love it! I love the picture of Bree driving it, too! It's very cute!

Tammy is so sweet! I love the scarf she sent you!

Melissa said...

love the van!!! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

The van looks awesome and even though you hated doing it, I bet you and Jillian learned from the project.
Good job!