Saturday, February 27, 2010

Because I'm a meanie!

Tomorrow, Feb. 28, is my daughter Kelsey's 16Th birthday. Since she is turning 16, she thinks she deserves the world for gifts. She's mentioned a few things she wants, like a car, a cell phone, a big party for all her friends at maybe a hotel or something, and many other things. Yeah sure Kelsey, I'll get right on that. Sure, if I had money, I'd gladly get her a cell phone, and if I had a lot of money, I'd get her a car, that she could get a job and HELP pay for...but we don't have the money, its not an option, deal with it. She will be getting one thing she wanted, a bedding set for her room, even though its more then I usually spend on birthdays...she should consider herself lucky. She of course pushes my buttons with, "You don't love me as much as you love Zach, Jilly & Bree" blah blah blah. Teen drama queen.

Anyways...Because I'm me, a smart ass, and goofy...I've decided to give her a little gag gift. I am getting her a car, and a cell phone...the matchbox and toy variety. I'm sure that you'll hear her screaming and having a fit wherever you if you hear loud noise, you'll know where it is and why LOL.

Thats all for tonight, I'm off to cuddle with Miss Bree since she wants NOTHING to do with her Dora bed at bedtime :( Here is a picture for you to enjoy...

Toodles :)


Mindi said...

Bree is such a doll! And I think I've told you before but you are SO MUCH LIKE MY MOM! She has done that whole "Here's you a car" thing and it ends up being a Hot Wheels! haha! Hope she has a great birthday, and she's a lucky girl to get the bedding for sure!

Danielle said...

Wow! Does Kels not know the financial situation in your house!!? When I turned 16 I didn't even ask for a car. I knew we were broke and I wouldn't get it anyway! lol When she throws a fit ask her if she has cell phone and car money! I'm sure that will make her a WHOLE lot happier! :D

Anyway, happy b-day to her!