Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Sweet (?) 16 Kelsey!

Today, Feb. 28, is my daughters 16th birthday! Not sure how SWEET she is, she's more SASSY :) At any rate, Happy Birthday Daughter Kelsey.

I remember the day of her birth. I had a doctors appointment that morning, and as he checked he, he didn't know if he was feeling her head, or her TAILBONE. So he said, "What are you doing today?" I said, "I don't tell me" Haha. He told me to get my stuff, then go to Labor & Delivery. Once I'm there, they will do a sonogram to see her position, if she is breech like he suspected, I'd be having a c-section that day, if she wasn't, we'd get labor started (I was already having contractions). So I left his office and kinda freaked out a little! I was seperated with my husband at the time, and he was living in WI. I went home, made arrangements for my MIL to come to my house to watch Zach, but the neighbor would watch him until she got there (she lived over an hour away). Then I went to the hospital, and my mom came up there to be with me. My husband was called of course and he said he'd be there as soon as he could.

The sonogram was done, and Kelsey was indeed in breech position. They set up a time in the OR and got me all prepped. Of course my husband wasn't there my mom got to go in with me and watch her granddaughter be born. My husband got there right as they were bringing Kelsey out of the OR and heading to the nursery.

I was so excited to have a baby girl, I had always wanted one. Zach adjusted well to his baby wasn't until she start walking and talking that he grew to dislike her :(

Wasn't she cute? Bald head and all?
Kelsey baby pic

Kelsey grew up fast. Sometimes she was a little terror, sometimes she was very angelic. She did good things like walking in the Light the Night Walk and raised money to fight leukemia. She even got a bunch of hair cut one time and donated it to Locks of Love. I was so proud of her.

Then...she turned into a teenager...scary stuff. LOL. She still has her days of being a terror, and days of being angelic, but more often our days are like PMS hell (haha sorry Kels).

I can't believe my 1st daughter is now 16. Soon, (after she gets her 50 hours of drive time in) she'll be getting her drivers license...YIKES! Next she'll be graduating and off to college...

Once again, Happy Sweet (SASSY) 16 Kelsey.




Amanda said...

You sure do have a beautiful little (ok, maybe 16 isnt little anymore) girl!

Blessings to her today!

Mama M. said...

Happy Birthday to Kelsey!

Renee, you are the "Date of the Week" this week! Do you have a blog button? I've put your "Personal" on my sidebar, but I'd love to put a button there if you have one!!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday, Kelsey! I love the new look to the site, Renee!

Mama M. said...

It won't let me copy your button!! (*snort* I first wrote "bottom"!!) gives me a "function disabled" warning!!!

Renee said...

Crap. Hmmm I wonder if you highlight it, and hit control & c it would work, then control & v to paste it on your blog?

CRAZYMOM said...

stopping in to say hi from Decatur!